If you’re a blogger you need to be on Twitter

I’m only on day 3 of not using Twitter and whilst I’m using my iPhone less I’m missing out on engagement. I’ve come to realise that the majority of my shares and comments on what I write is done via Twitter. I’m seeing great growth by posting on my blog in short form instead of writing it on Twitter but not seeing the resulting engagement.

So I’ll be back on Twitter but will curb it down to checking it a few times a day. This is all about self control. I’ll also be heavily muting and unfollowing so that I don’t see anything that I don’t want to. My main app will be Tweetbot but I’ll need to use the official app just to check notifications of likes and RT’s. I’ve also notified that Tweetbot doesn’t get all of my mentions.

If you’re creating content, especially around technology then I feel you have to be on Twitter but if you don’t want to see the negative side I’ll be avoiding reading threads and only checking a few times a day, well that’s my goal anyway.

3 days away from Twitter observations. I’m definitely checking my phone less but am missing out on the conversation with readers engaged in my blog. If I’m serious about focusing on my content I think I have to be checking Twitter daily for comments and sharing of my content.

First day off Twitter, definitely used my iPhone less and shared more in blog post form. Images prove a little trickier to share via Micro.Blog to WordPress.

Rediscovering an old friend

I’ve had this guitar since 1997 and it’s got its fair share of dings and scratches. It’s been sat in my garage for years and I finally took it into a local store to get setup. I had all of the switches and pots replaced and frets cleaned up. As soon as I picked it up the neck felt like home, I’ve got two other guitars but they are in their cases whilst I get back playing my old familiar.

How much is my MacBook worth?

Well I’ve had a look at how much my 2016 MacBook 12″ is worth and I’d just about be able to buy some accessories for a new iPad Pro – so that’s not going to happen. I’ll keep it as a spare in the collection for an emergency, it’s just not worth selling for as low as I could get.

Here are some sample prices here in the UK:

  • Apple: less than £300
  • CEX/MusicMagpie: Between £300 and £370

This laptop hasn’t seen a refresh for a long time and this spec new is still over £1000.

Hope this helps you make your mind up, for me with my Apple Care + I’ll keep it in the family.

Time to give up my MacBook

As you most probably know I’ve got a MacBook 12″ that I’ve been using on and off but my iPad is my go to device. Well I used my MacBook this morning to update the theme on my blog whilst my iPad was charging.

After a frustrating 30 minutes I’ve come to the conclusion it’s time to sell it and upgrade my iPad Pro instead. The keyboard is the main sticking point but it again just comes back to preferring iOS over macOS.

If anyone wants a MacBook 12″ then let me know.

I’m back posting on Micro.blog, well via my wordpress site. I’m still figuring out this place to be honest. I like that my blog can be a home for my social feed now I’m taking a break from Twitter.