iPhone 11 Pro picture samples

Tech, Photography

Thought I’d start to post images as I start to use the iPhone 11 Pro, I’ll try to remember to keep this original post updated. All of these have been taken with the Apple camera app and editing tools.

Wide angle and noir filter.

Wide Angle, looks like WordPress app cutting off the image though.

Indoors with lighting.

Just a shot showing HDR at its best (for me).

My top 3 Apple Arcade games (so far)

Gaming, Tech

There a lot to go through in Apple Arcade but on setting up my new iPhone I’ve loaded up a few favourites and thought I’d share my top 3 so far. One note here is that if you’ve been testing iOS 13.1 and move to iOS 13 you’ll lose your game state.

  • What the golf – golfing turned on it’s head. It’s one of the laugh out loud games I’ve included on this list. A great game to play on iPhone with one hand whilst out and about.
  • Cricket through the ages – I don’t think we’ve laughed as much as when playing this game at home. It gets very weird but so much fun if you like rag doll mechanics and throwing stuff at each other. Best played two player on iPad.
  • Skate City – Great on iPhone or iPad with a controller. Side scrolling skateboard sim that’s amazingly addictive.

What are some of your favourites?