Declaring app bankruptcy

I’m at a point in my technology that I have pretty much what I want from a hardware perspective (still debating my iPhone decision BTW) but have found flaws (I might be too picky!) in almost every app that I use that is supposed to make my life easier to manage. Be it privacy concerns, UI issues, rubbish Apple Watch apps or workflows I haven’t found anything that sticks.

I’ve decided to declare APP BANKRUPTCY.

In this I mean that I am taking away most of the apps off my iPhone and sticking with stock and iCloud sync, something that has worked well for me (sync reliability that is). I am fed up with relying on third parties to implement new features or delving into their mostly vague privacy statements.

I’ll keep you all updated on my progress but on iOS (where I do 90% of my writing and hobbies) I’ll be using only Apple sync and apps

  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Calendar
  • Music

Wish me luck and I’ll report back.

How do you feel about your choice of apps?

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