Apple adding news sources without your approval

I’ve been using Apple News since release but something troubling has happened to my setup – Apple are adding unapproved News sources to my feed. To add insult to injury they are also enabling notifications. It’s always been a good app allowing me to control what I see but I can no longer trust itContinue reading “Apple adding news sources without your approval”

Films I’m looking forward to in 2018

2017 was a pretty great year for films, 2018 looks to have some crackers so here are the films I’m most looking forward to watching. (All of these are taken from IMDB so I can’t confirm if some will actually come out this year). Black Panther Avengers Infinity War The Shape of Water Coco DeadpoolContinue reading “Films I’m looking forward to in 2018”

Taking a step back from Twitter

Twitter seems incapable of acting in a way that gives me confidence that they actually care about their user base. I’m not going to get political in my blog but their inability to act on certain accounts has me not wanting to benefit their platform with my content. Don’t get me wrong, I do getContinue reading “Taking a step back from Twitter”

Switching to OmniFocus

I’ve been using a mixture of Todoist and Reminders but now I’m into 2018 I’ve decided to make a switch back to OmniFocus. Todoist was fine but it’s update to include little illustrations didn’t sit well with me. Reminders is ok for basics but not to plan a lot of projects. So, I made theContinue reading “Switching to OmniFocus”

The Dark Tower, thoughts on the film

I finally got around to watching The Dark Tower yesterday, not having any knowledge of the books. I know about the popularity of them and been encouraged to read but never had the time. I also know that the movie has been a little panned, especially from fans of the book. For me overall IContinue reading “The Dark Tower, thoughts on the film”