How to factory reset a Sonos Play 1

I’m selling a load of old gadgets and the first thing I had to do was reset my Sonos Play 1.

Here’s how to reset

  1. Turn off your Sonos at the wall
  2. Hold down Play/Pause and Volume Up
  3. Turn on your Sonos at the wall
  4. Keep holding down until you see a red and white flashing light
  5. Let go of the buttons
  6. Wait until you see the light change to a flashing green and white light

It’s now reset.

Check out Sonos on Amazon.

Pairing two HomePods

With iOS 11.4 Apple have enabled AirPlay 2 and the ability to pair two HomePods to create multi-room or stereo pairing two of them together. I’m currently strategising on how I can pick up another one (selling Sonos and some old gadgets to fund it) but here is Jason Snells take on the update.

Don’t expect third party watch faces anytime soon

I’ve been asking for third party watch faces on watchOS for the last few years and have come to the conclusion we won’t get them – ever.

Apple work closely with brands such as Nike and Disney to create new ones but hasn’t as of yet opened it up wider. Based on this and the lack of focus on allowing developers to build their own I’m sticking my neck out and stating we won’t ever get them.

Apple are very precious about their brand values, I just don’t see them allowing any developer to create something that could potentially tarnish the Apple Watch brand.

The only way I see this happening is with strict controls on reviewing everything. I just don’t see Apple having the staff to do this on top of the already difficult to manage App Store.

I might be being pessimistic here but as with a refresh of Reminders on iOS Apple have disappointed me too much when it comes to my hopes for each WWDC announcement.

I hope I’m proven to be wrong.

Spoiler free Solo review

Solo has just come out in the U.K. and I’ve managed to see it twice. For films I’m into I try to see them as soon as possible so to avoid spoilers. I won’t spoil Solo for you here so don’t worry about reading on.

My overall impression of Solo is a positive one. It has a few plot points that are obvious or head scratching but like I said overall I enjoyed it.

Here are my takeaways

  • Han and Chewie’s relationship is well done and in keeping with the original trilogy
  • I forgot that Chewie is no longer being played by Peter Mayhew
  • Han is portrayed very well, not an impression of Harrison Ford but in keeping with my understanding of the character
  • There’s a lot of good stuff for you Falcon fans
  • It’s a fun adventure

Don’t take it too seriously sit back and take it in.

OmniFocus 3 now available

It’s a big day for the Omnigroup, today sees the launch of OmniFocus 3. I’ve been a user of OmniFocus for a while, well on and off. I switch a lot but always seem to come back eventually. I like their privacy and encryption stance and trust them above any other productivity app to look after my data.

I’m starting to test and will let you know how I get on.


Its time for Apple to ditch app labels

I look at my home screen and generally I’m happy but I look at those app labels and wish there was an option to remove them.

This shouldn’t be the default behaviour but I’d like a user option to remove all app and folder labels. It looks much cleaner and I never have to use them. I’ve seen friends and family rely on these labels but for me they add visual clutter.

Making this change will also help remove this sort of eyesore from your device.


I look at the dock on my iPhone X and it looks so much better without labels underneath the apps.

Please Apple, give us some options here. Not that long to go now until WWDC so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Avengers Infinity War decals

I’m a fan of making tech my own, be it via a case or sticking decals on them. I know some people are horrified by this but for me it adds some personality. Everyone’s iPhone’s just looks the same.

I spent a few quid (see link below) on Amazon and grabbed this Infinity War set. In the package you get a total of 34 decals that you can stick anywhere you want.

They are clear backed so only the image is visible on your device and are easily taken off.

I was originally after a Cap shield but at this price you may as well get the entire infinity war set.


So, you’re either going to love or hate personalising your stuff this way but for me I love it.

Link: Marvel Avengers Infinity War Gadget Decals Re-Usable Waterproof Stickers, Vinyl, Multi-Colour, 21 x 15 x 1 cm

It’s time for Apple to review it’s iCloud storage tiers

With WWDC upon us I’m doing my annual review of what I’m storing in iCloud. When I did it struck me how limited Apple still are in terms of offerings.

Here’s my storage, I pay £6.99 a month for my almost 400GB of storage, where’s the 500GB option? Whilst I’m at it I also thought again how much Apple is taking it’s customers for a ride still only offering 5GB for free when we spend so much on products.

5GB in 2018?

It’s small and in my experience gives users a bad time using an Apple product. I’ve been asked by almost everyone moving or new to iPhone why they can’t back up. You can guess the remarks when I tell then they need to pay to back up their device or store their photos. Having spent upwards of £600 on a new device it’s a bit galling to have to pay anything to backup the phone you just paid a lot of money for.

I’m concerned with Apple’s focus on making revenue from services that a bigger free tier (to at least back up our device completely) isn’t going to be coming anytime soon. Apple have boasted for a while about how much services is making, you can bet that they are not suddenly going to offer everyone something for free.

I’d like to see Apple offer 50GB for free, for all it’s users. Not just ones that say bought an iPhone X but any device that exceeds the 5GB. I’m saying that if your device hits a limit in iCloud you should be given some more, up until the capped 50GB that they offer for free. This would be a much better user experience and would certainly stop all of the conversations I’ve had with friends and family around this matter.

Come on Apple, you can afford to do this.

Tier review

At the moment there is a jump from £2.79 (200GB) straight up to £6.99 (2 TB), for my use case I need 500GB or 1TB. I’d like to see Apple add new tiers

  • 500GB at £3.79 a month
  • 1 TB at £5.50 (including family sharing)

This would me to save just over £3 a month.

What about family sharing?

Regardless of if you set up family sharing (I don’t) or not I feel that offering this new costing is the right thing to do. Technically if you have a large family all with iDevices then maybe at £6.99 you’ll save some money but in my experience family sharing is a nightmare. I’ve tried (and failed) to set it up in the past and now don’t trust the service.

Saying that though most families would be ok with my new 1 TB tier, therefore saving families money over paying for 2 TB as I do.

Am I mad, is my maths our of whack? – as always, let me know…

Twitter adds API, loses users

You’ve probably read by now that Twitter is introducing new API’s that result in third party apps (like my favourite Tweetbot) losing functionality and being charged to effectively keep their customer base using their apps.

This is another move that is slowly but surely meant to see the end of all third party apps and I for one will end up using Twitter less.

I can see that Twitter want to drive people to their own app where they can serve you ads and monitor you more effectively but they have to realise there is a core influential set of users that will stop using the service.

I have two main problems

  • I hate the official Twitter app. It’s serving ads, too much visual clutter and muting is less intuitive
  • I stream my timeline. In Tweetbot I stream my timeline and pin them to the top of my screen so I can see tweets come in real-time. It’s how I keep up with what’s going on (that’s important to me). I stopped reading mainstream news a long time ago and Twitter wants to show me as much as possible

We are a few months away before this comes into play so maybe Twitter will do something but I’m not holding my breath.