The new iPhone (XS??)

Another leak from 9to5 shows us the next two iPhone models, the XS… I’m not thrilled with this naming.

To us, the tech fans it’ll be 10S. To everyone else it’ll be XS or excess. Yes, with the pricing most probably over £1200 I can see the jokes rolling in now. Why haven’t Apple made it X+? I still think Pro would be a better name, like the MacBook or iPad.

Anyway, name aside it does look like we are getting a larger X this year.

It’s going to be a stunning screen at that size based on how great the X already is so looking forward to trying one out. I’ve never been a fan of the Plus model so it’ll be interesting to see if I take to it. I’m currently not planning on an upgrade this year but let’s see what happens…

Last observation on this is that it’s gold, so looks like Apple have sorted a gold finish on stainless steel.

What do you think?

The new Apple Watch

So I’d say that this image is officially what the next Apple Watch is going to look like. 9to5 managed to get hold of some marketing material and have started to share the contents. I certainly wouldn’t want to be inside Apple right now…

Anyway what do I think?


First off it looks like the current band mechanism stays, this is good. I’ve not invested as heavily as some but still have a few bands that I really like to use.

It’s hard to tell without side by side with the real thing but from the images I’d say it looks both thinner and wider than the existing model. It’ll be interesting to see if it stays 42mm, it’s hard to tell. It definitely has smaller bezels. If it doesn’t stay 42mm, it’s going to need additional bands so I’m guessing it stays at 42mm.

The red on the Digital Crown signifies it’s the cellular version, gone is the red dot (woohoo). For me personally I hope that they have this model non cellular as it’s not really taken off in the UK and is still limited to one carrier.

The side button looks to be more recessed. I’m thinking it’s haptic feedback based rather than mechanical.

It’s gold, not the edition version though. It looks like they have created a gold stainless steel model, makes sense if they are doing a gold iPhone X.


That’s not a watchOS 5 beta watch face. I’m running the beta and it looks like we are getting some new faces to match the new screen size. It looks ace. I’ve been wanting a new face to enable a lot more complications so can’t wait to try it out. Looking at the image we have a lot of new weather data, which looks to match what’s available in the weather app on iOS 12.

We look to be getting 9 complications in this image, it’s a welcome addition to watchOS.

If this image is to be believed and I think it is then I’m so glad I held off on a series 3 as this is going to be a big update from my series 2.

What do you think?

Productivity update:
Dropped Things, Todoist and OmniFocus. Installed Fantastical 2 as a wrapper for Calendar and Reminders in iCloud.

Apple Watch Series 2 start up time

I’ll be upgrading my 2 year old Apple Watch this year I think. Aside from overall slowness I needed to restart it a few times over the last week due to weather complication issues. Note, this is on watchOS 5 so odds are there will be debug code running that will contribute to the slowness.

How’s your startup time?

Is the Apple leather case slippery?

It depends..

After having purchased both the bright orange and saddle brown it’s become evident that out of the box at least there is a difference in the leather used between colours.

The bright orange leather case is much more textured than the saddle brown, which is smooth. This makes it slippery, when holding on the sides it’s almost unusable. Even using within the 15 day return period I’ve found that the grip doesn’t increase. I know it will over a long period but I can’t wait, I’ll most probably drop it.

So I’m returning the saddle brown and sticking with my bright orange, when I use a case that is. I already have so many scratches on my iPhone X that I’m less worried about dropping it. I have Apple Care + just in case.

My advice if you want a leather case from Apple is to try before you buy in store. They don’t mind you opening them up and having a go, you will find the grip changes depending on the colour you choose.

Anyone else have an upside down avatar in the app?