How to turn off Siri Raise To Speak on Apple Watch

After getting my series 4 the first thing that started to bug me (just a little) was Siri going off unintended. Turns out I moved my arm up and raise to wake went off, here’s how to turn it off.

On your Apple Watch go to Settings, then General, then SIRI.

As you can in the screenshot you can simply swipe to turn off ‘Raise To Speak’.

GoodTask gets iOS 12 and Siri Shortcuts update

There’ll be lots of app updates today as part of the big iOS 12 launch. Up next for me is an app that I am starting to play with, GoodTask. Anything that uses iCloud for calendar and reminders is on top of my list at the moment. I’ll update on how I get on but for now here’s what’s changed in version 4.1.