Been having WiFi issues with my PS4 Pro. Every time I power it on it’s lost it’s connection. Did a software reset tonight , I’d recommend that as a first step before calling support.

Should you upgrade from an iPhone X to an XS?

I wasn’t expecting to pick up a new iPhone this year but when I saw the camera improvements in pretty much all the reviews I changed my mind (like I’m known to do!). I’ve been using an X for the last year and really enjoyed the screen to phone size. Having had issues with theContinue reading “Should you upgrade from an iPhone X to an XS?”

The best screen protector for the iPhone XS

I’ve been testing a number of screen protectors for the iPhone XS over the last couple of weeks and have come to the decision on which is best. I picked a number of cheapish tempered glass ones on Amazon through to the Belkin gorilla glass version available at Apple stores. First off I found temperedContinue reading “The best screen protector for the iPhone XS”