My F1 drivers of 2018

I haven’t written about sports here before, so here goes…

If you follow me on Twitter I expect you’ll know that I’m a fan of F1, it’s been a love/hate given the TV coverage here in the UK but I still follow along and end up picking up a deal on SKY Sports F1 to watch online. This year I’ve followed 80% of the races live and the rest in highlights. It’s been a good one and although going into next season we lose one of my favourite drivers in Esteban Ocon I’m looking forward to next where most of the teams are seeing driver changes.

Here’s my favourite drivers from the 2018 season.

Lewis Hamilton
A worthy champion and totally outclassed Sebastian Vettel after the Italian GP. Time after time he delivered a pole lap (including that stunner in Singapore) and there’s not many better than him in wheel to wheel racing. I have a feeling next season is going to be a tough one with Red Bull getting a new engine (reliability not withstanding) and Charles Leclerc in a Ferrari but if the car holds up I can’t see anyone stopping him getting a 6th World Championship.

Kimi Raikkonen
Playing second fiddle to Vettel can’t be easy but Kimi really shone in the second half of the season, right after that pole at Monza. Then moving on from there once it was clear he was moving away from Ferrari he seemed to relax and it was amazing seeing him take the win in the US. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he does in the improved Sauber next season.

Charles Leclerc
A great rookie year and an obvious talent, I can’t wait to see what happens at Ferrari next year – I think he might upset his team mate over the course of the season.

So, my first F1 post and there’s more to come including looking forward to next season and who to watch out for. If you came to me via my usual tech content I hope you’ve enjoyed (or at least appreciated) the change.

What I’m listening to (Nov ’18)

I thought I’d start to do something fun and share what I’m listening to each month, this isn’t new music but what has gotten me going. Here’s the first 3 that I’ve been listening to most this month.

(I’m using Apple Music so the links will be pointing towards there).

If you enjoy these and want me to do it each month please let me know.

Writing about your passions

When I started blogging back in 2008 I wrote about my main passion – guitars and music. I enjoyed doing this for a while then my interest shifted back towards covering more technology subjects, in particular iOS. This was just after I got my first iPhone and I saw the potential in it changing how we go about our day to day lives. It’s quite a few years on and although I have settled on covering iOS I want to branch out and write about my other passions. This is why I started to write in the first place, sharing my views on what I’m interested in.

I’m becoming a bit jaded with covering Apple all of the time and although I do write about movies here occasionally it’s where my passion is. I sat down and wrote out some blog ideas and most of them were non technology.

So, I wanted to give everyone a heads up that I’ll be writing about more of my passions – not just iOS. It’ll be F1, Comics, Movies (Marvel/Star Wars mostly), music and photography – I’ll most probably also write about comings and goings in my personal life.

I hope you join me on this, I understand if you stop following me if you want to see just tech.


Bright spot on iPad Pro 10.5”

I came across this thread on the MacRumours forums yesterday whilst investigating an issue I think I have with mine. About an inch up from the home button I have a lighter area of the screen, which is visible on a whiter background and more evident when scrolling. Given this is now a 14 page thread I’m wondering if there is a problem with the 10.5″?

I’ll keep an eye on mine as I have Apple Care + still valid for a little while but I’ll report back.

Apple Watch Series 4, two months later

I’ve been using the series 4 since the last week of September so wanted to put down some thoughts on my experience and if I’m glad I updated.

My model is the 44mm base one without cellular. I’m liking the silver over the space grey this time around but still look at the stainless steel with some envy. For me I wasn’t paying another £300 for the finish, I was never going to be using the cellular connection. The picture above is my most used setup, platinum Nike sports band, which I think looks great with the silver.

In day to day use it’s the performance that’s won me over with the series 4. I wouldn’t say I’m noticing a big difference in the screen size but I always come back to how much more responsive the interface is. For example in doing a workout on my series 2 I’d quite often have to tap multiple times to get a workout going. Now I just tap and it gets going straight away.

In terms of charging and battery performance I’m seeing no improvements over the series 2. Battery had never been a problem since I moved from the original Apple Watch up to the series 2.

Based on my use I’d say that if you’re on a series 2 or older then an upgrade would be worth it. If you’re on a series 3 then I’d stay put and wait another year.

The WordPress iOS app needs some attention

I’ve been using the WordPress for iOS app for a while but lately it seems to be neglected. I’ve had these bugs for a while and the more I use it the more I’m getting frustrated.

Here’s one example, if you embed images and try to type afterwards quite often you’ll not be able to see what you’re typing.

Here’s another that’s been there for a while. If you start to type a tag and then pick one from the picker it’ll totally mess up the selection as you can see above. I tapped iOS but it displays ‘I OS’.

I’m going to start to look at alternatives to using the native app. iA Writer can publish directly so I think I’ll be using that for now.

We still don’t know how well the iPhone XR is selling

In an interview with CNET Apple have responded to claims that the iPhone XR isn’t doing well by stating it’s the best selling iPhone at the moment and is outselling the other models since release.

This is fine but how well is it selling? Without numbers this is a pretty useless interview and seems to be a defensive move.

I’m not proclaiming doom and gloom here but just wanted to take a step back from a lot of pro Apple sites reporting that this is a good thing, for me it doesn’t really prove anything.

Personally I love the look of the XR but feel it’s still on the expensive side. Recent reports of Apple reducing the price for carriers in Japan and the increased amount they are giving on their give back program has me wondering about how well it’s actually selling.

I’m really curious how these recent price increases are doing to their sales.

Setting up GoodTask

Now I’m firmly in the using iCloud camp both Calendar and Reminders have become very important to me. Whilst Calendar is fine Reminders hasn’t seen an update in years. I’ve been raising radars to Apple for years and all my suggestions for improvements have been ignored. I think Reminders is now only updated for compatibility rather than giving us an overhaul.

This series of Tweets has me looking back at GoodTask.

I’ve created lists based on my areas of focus and thanks to GoodTask I can see everything that I’ve flagged as high priority with their smart list feature.

Creating tasks is pretty straight forward and I’ve started to brain dump into the app.

I’ll post a review in the coming weeks.

How I organise Apple Reminders

I’ve started to only use Apple apps these days, maybe I’m getting old or maybe I restore too many devices. I just can’t be bothered to remember all the log in information for the many to do apps I’ve tried or don’t trust them with my data.

Here’s how I’ve organised into Apple Reminders.

You’ll notice I have a today/urgent list, which satisfies my need to be able to add a to do with just a date and no time. I use this in conjunction with the Scheduled view to plan my day.

Do you use Reminders?