I’m finally free from Facebook

At the beginning of the year I’d decided I’d had enough of contributing to Zuckerberg’s empire and made a decision to leave Facebook. I knew I’d miss updates from my friends but mostly my feed was manipulated anyway just to see (almost always negative) news, which wasn’t good for my general wellbeing. This on top of the privacy concerns and their apparent lack of valuing anyone was the final straw. My problem was that I’d removed my phone number but two factor was still turned on. I was locked out.

I didn’t use it for 11 months, I had an inactive account. As far as Facebook was concerned I wasn’t an active user, this is a good thing to hurt their numbers. My issue was my data was still there. Well this weeks revelations was enough for me to sit down and figure my account out. I had to send in a redacted passport, removing all my info aside from the basic they needed. Within 5 minutes I had access again.

I checked my feed and notifications and then download my photos in an archive. Something to be fair Facebook make easy. Once I had this archive (html) downloaded to iCloud I proceeded to delete my account.

I was free, well not quite.

I also had an instagram account, something I quite like using. I had to stick by my principles on this one and deleted that too.

I can get my photo fix elsewhere, it wasn’t worth keeping my account and supporting this immoral company anymore.

So, end of 2018 and I’m finally free of using any Facebook properties – it feels great!

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