Could Apple put your content on it’s video streaming service?

I had a thought last night that I wanted to put down somewhere, thinking aloud so to speak. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I could leave Google and the main sticking point is how I get rid of YouTube. I have a smallish set of creators that I follow and want to see their content but really hate that the suggestions always seem to slant towards the negative and click bait videos. It’s also where most movie companies drop their trailers first so end up being pushed onto their platform some way or other. Oh and don’t forget all the copyright laws being broken.

It got me thinking about the rumoured Apple streaming service and then it hit me.

What if Apple allowed user uploaded content? Think of it like Apple Podcasts in that you create your content and submit a feed. This gets vetted and then approved and hey presto you’re on Apple TV.

I understand that given the volume it wouldn’t be easy to figure out the logistics of it all and the technology behind it but as an idea I like the notion of Apple creating a YouTube competitor.

One main issue though is monetisation. My only thought here is Apple give a percentage of the monthly user fee to the creator.

What’s do you think, am I living in a fantasy world or would you like to see Apple go in this direction?

Attempting to leave Google (part 1)

I’ve been wrestling with the idea of living Google free for a while but I’ve decided I’m going to at least give it a go. I’m not sure how it’s going to go but here goes.

My first step is to remove both the YouTube app off my iPhone and delete my Google account from the accounts and settings on iOS. This now means that my Apple mail app isn’t going to be bringing me in my gmail. I’ve switched anything important over to my iCloud account so I’ll just make a point of checking gmail in Safari (on my Mac rather than my main iOS devices) periodically to make sure that I’ve not missed anything.

Over time this should let me know if I actually need my Gmail or not.

Baby steps but a start.

Ace Combat 7 review

I’ve not long finished the campaign mode in Ace Combat 7 and wanted to write up some thoughts on how I feel about the game now that’s I’ve finished it.

First off if you know my writing you’ll know this’ll be a shorter review than you might be used to.

In a nutshell Ace Combat 7 is an enjoyable experience if you’re familiar with the franchise or into planes and want to have some fun. There is a point system and you don’t have access to all of the planes straight away. Prepare to grind it out in multiplayer to get the points quickly.

I’d recommend playing through the first couple of missions then go straight into multiplayer. This is the quickest way to get points (called MRP in game). You can then get all the places you need to make the game a little more doable.

This is a very difficult game and at times I almost put it away. I persevered though and by getting MRP and picking up the F-22 raptor I managed to get through it.

No spoilers but the very last bit of game takes a bit of time and a lot of precision (and patience!).

In terms of looks it’s one of the best I’ve seen on PS4. Planes are detailed and the after mission replays are just stunning. Think Gran Turismo level replays but with planes!

A quick word on the multiplayer. It’s online dogfighting, which I enjoyed for the most part but gets a little repetitive after a while. The matching and room managing also has some way to go and you can find yourself waiting too long on one player whose spending ages customising their plane for the game.

Oh, lastly there’s a free flight mode if you want to just well fly around. There’s no replays here though.

So would I recommend picking it up, yes and no. This is definitely a game that once I finished the campaign I was so shattered from the experience I needed a break. For me I won’t be doing a replay through it. I’ve played multiplayer a lot and done with that too. If you’re into planes or if you’re a fan of Ace Combat I recommend, if you’re not then I would avoid.

Relaxing Nintendo Switch game recommendations

I’ve noticed I’m playing more and more PlayStation games lately and after getting very frustrated playing Ace Combat 7 (it’s a great game but very hard) I’ve unplugged my PS4. I want to swap over to my Nintendo Switch and start to relax a bit more with my gaming.

I’ve got a few games but need some recommendations from the community.

What do you recommend I play to relax a bit?

Rethinking social networking and my yearly theme

Yes, I’m writing yet another taking a break from something type of post. Between my day job and trying to be more focussed with what I’m doing on my passion projects I’m trying to remove distractions. I’m also conscious that’s it not doing my mental health any favours and without the heavy use of filters and Tweetbot I’d most likely delete my account.

I use it to communicate with friends I’ve met on the social network and also have gained opportunities to appear on other creators projects, something I’m grateful for.

So I’m not giving it up completely but doing a few things to put up little barriers.

First off I’m deleting all Twitter apps from my iPhone and iPad.

If I want to check in on my notifications I’m going to use Safari on my iPad, so I’ll most probably check in every few days.

I’ll still be sharing but I’m aiming to use my blog to do it.

I will be on social but I’m cutting it back to a few slack channels and At the moment everything I do on has to be posted on my blog but I’m considering supporting them and going all in on it being my social network of choice. More on this once I’ve figured it all out.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m feeling social burnout and everything is a little out of balance at the moment.

My theme this year is Focus and Calm, this is a little step in the right direction for me.


I’ve installed Tweetbot again as I found that I missed the conversations that I enjoy as someone that works at home, it’s my water cooler conversation.

I’ve also tried and deleted Micro.Blog. A nice community and great idea but I didn’t have any interaction that was worth £5 a month. I’ll still post there but using my WordPress rather than paying for a

What’s the fastest way to get MRP in Ace Combat 7

MRP is kind of an in game credit that you earn in various ways across Ace Combat. You can use these to upgrade your jets or buy new ones. I’ve found that I’ve gotten stuck in the single player so wanted to get myself an F-22 Raptor to help me. After redoing several of the early missions to get MRP (think of it as XP) I did some testing.

It turns out the fastest way to earn it is to play multiplayer. For a 5 minute match I’m roughly doubling what I would get in single player. Maybe 100,000 on a good game (for me).

If you are grinding to get MRP then use multiplayer.

A cheap iPad Pro case that’s good

I’ve spent ages testing the Amazon cheap iPad cases over the years and finally found one that I can recommend.

This is the MoKo with integrated Smart Cover and shell back.

I was looking for something to protect my iPad after going through a few over the last few months or so. I wanted something that offered some protection to the back for when I put it in my bag. This one doesn’t add a lot of bulk and removes the need for carrying around my Smart Cover.

The only downside that I’ve encountered is that the Smart Cover is fixed so if you want to use your keyboard cover it’ll have to come off first. I’m going to look at getting one without the cover attached so that I can carry it with the keyboard.

An added advantage of the rear shell is I have somewhere to put my stickers so that I don’t lose them if the iPad needs to go in for servicing at any point.

So, a quick write up but there’s not really much more to say on this case. It’s cheap at £10.99 and offers you protection from everyday carry and knocks.