Monthly Archives: January 2019

Switching to the iPad full time (an update)

I realised by doing a bit more podcasting I’d neglected to keep everyone updated on my thoughts of switching to the iPad a bit more regularly on my blog. I’m going to try to (remember!) to do this every few months going forward.

First off, let’s talk about the hardware. I’m still using my 10.5” iPad Pro along with Smart Keyboard cover and pencil. I’ve documented a few places now that I’m on my third one this year (all covered by Apple Care +). I’m not worried about reliability and so glad I picked up the warranty, I’d recommend everyone budgeting for it. My only new addition is the Moko case, which is a plastic shell for the back with a Smart Cover attached to cover the front. It’s cheap and works really well, not being a fan of cases this is high praise.

App wise I’m still using the same core set. Marvel Unlimited, Noteability, Ferrite, LumaFusion and Apple Notes.

I still love the flexibility of the iPad. I can switch positions to help with RSI, I can use the keyboard cover when I want to write something longer form and can use the pencil to make notes or doodle.

I’m not feeling the same limitations that some do with this transition and most certainly can do my work on iOS. I’ve settled in well with iOS over the years and now when I use my Mac (for photo backups) I find myself becoming more frustrated with its startup and traditional mouse/keyboard layout, this is something I’ve only noticed in the last year.

So, as an update I’m loving being on iOS and don’t see myself switching back anytime soon.

Been a good week podcasting, between guesting and setting up my own (again) feels like I’m going in the right direction.

How to get AirPod warranty replacements from Apple

My AirPods were just under two years old before I called Apple and had a pair of warranty replacements under UK Consumer Law. This process took a little while with all the required testing but in the end I had a new pair shipped.

It seems to be that Apple can replace both, both with the case, just the case of either left or right individually. I had both left and right replaced, they came in two separate deliveries and I kept the same charging case I had with my originals. You pack up your old ones and ship back via the included courier package.

You’ll want to fully charge in the case, remove from iCloud and re-pair as if they were a new set.

For information I was getting less than two hours from mine (Apple site states 5 hours on a charge) before I had a replacement. So I made sure I logged the battery level through the day using the today battery widget then just made sure I had all the evidence I needed. It was pretty straightforward in the end.

If you have a pair in the UK less than two years old I’d recommend doing a bit of testing of your own.

Apps I’m testing this month

As you know I’m trying a lot of different apps and switching my setup around quite a bit. I thought I’d share a bit more about this and what I’m actually testing.

  • Streaks: tried it before but not stuck so with a new year I want to see if it’ll help me stick to my goals and focus
  • Things: OmniFocus is taking me too long to get stuff done, I’m fiddling more. Switched to reminders but it’s such a bad app with little attention I can’t bring myself to keep using it.
  • GoodNotes 5: A new app I’ll be reporting back on in the podcast.

Is the new iPhone XS battery case too expensive?

The existing case was £99, which seemed to me the limit you could charge for a case with a battery in it but the new one is now £129. I did a quick poll and seems I’m not alone in thinking it’s a little too much. I have to say that with Qi built in it does seem attractive but in this time of trying to save some money I personally can’t justify it, especially when I work at home and would only need it a few times a year on trips.

What do you think?

Some great engagement coming from to my blog. Fingers crossed this means its picking up some traction.