The iPad and RSI

When I started working on an iPad full time I was sold on the flexibility of the device but as time has gone on I’ve started to find issues with RSI. When I’m doing something heavy like updating my productivity app, editing images and editing a podcast I found I ran into shoulder issues. The constant need to keep moving my arm up to do actions have become an issue. It’s got me rethinking my entire setup, well for a bit anyway. For consumption the iPad was much better than my laptop but using it full time has had me struggling a little.

I’ve decided to make a change and switch back to using my MacBook for a few months for some of the heavy lifting to see if it helps. I’ve also noticed that using the iPad without the Smart Keyboard cover and just the glass on my lap helped so I’ll be adjusting my use a little to start using that method of input or the Apple Pencil.

Along with some shoulder exercises and general getting out for daily walks I’m hoping to move forward positively and address this.

So I’m back to the MacBook probably 70% of the time for a bit and I’ll report back on how it’s going.

Anyone else run into these issues?

A minimal iPad Pro home screen

Now I’ve posted iOS Only going through my iPhone setup I wanted a quick share of my iPad Pro 10.5″ home screen.

I’ve kept it pretty minimal with my most used apps at the bottom and then a clean desktop. I’ve talked about most of the these apps on the podcast but a few differences. I have the Apple Files app in the dock as my iPad is more of a production device so wanted quick access. My other app that I used a lot on my iPad is Marvel Unlimited. I pay for a monthly subscription and frequently read rather than go on social media.

I’d recommend clearing your home screen down to this and give it a go, you might find it annoying or less distracting…

Thoughts on a foldable phone

I haven’t watched all of Samsung’s latest event but I did see the new Galaxy Fold, what a name… anyway a foldable $2000 smartphone is something I wanted to comment on.

My first impression when seeing it on the livestream was, wow that’s just two phones stuck together. It’s kind of cool to see something folding out to a bigger screen but this isn’t the implementation that makes sense to me. I’m sure on video I could see a folder or crease at the middle point that would just be distracting. I believe that sliding additional screen from the side is the way we’ll see this implementation. Think of a scroll that you roll out, not unlike the LG foldable TV that was announced earlier in the year at CES.

I’ve got to give it to Samsung for trying here and getting something out but it looks like a terrible implementation to my eyes.

Now with that price I have to think it’ll sell in the hundreds rather than millions here. Looking at the global smartphone slowdown this isn’t the answer, it’s high end luxury and the sales will show it. It’s a party piece to show off not something to use as a daily driver. However it’s good to get it out there and get some in the wild to see how it takes off and get some real world testing completed.

I’m not entirely sold that foldable is the future but whatever it is, this isn’t the end implementation. It’s a baby step, a stepping off point something that gets the technology into the hands of users that are willing to give it a go. For me it still looks like two phones stuck together, I’ll be waiting a while for the ‘scroll phone’.

Why I don’t podcast with others on an iPad

Great post from Jason Snell over at Six Colors on podcasting with only an iPad. It shows that podcasting on an iPad with others is doable but also highlights how much kit is needed to do it. My little solo cast works great on on iPad but I get indigestion even thinking about following this setup to have others join me. Really hoping iOS 13 brings something to help improve this whole setup.

If you’re a blogger you need to be on Twitter

I’m only on day 3 of not using Twitter and whilst I’m using my iPhone less I’m missing out on engagement. I’ve come to realise that the majority of my shares and comments on what I write is done via Twitter. I’m seeing great growth by posting on my blog in short form instead of writing it on Twitter but not seeing the resulting engagement.

So I’ll be back on Twitter but will curb it down to checking it a few times a day. This is all about self control. I’ll also be heavily muting and unfollowing so that I don’t see anything that I don’t want to. My main app will be Tweetbot but I’ll need to use the official app just to check notifications of likes and RT’s. I’ve also notified that Tweetbot doesn’t get all of my mentions.

If you’re creating content, especially around technology then I feel you have to be on Twitter but if you don’t want to see the negative side I’ll be avoiding reading threads and only checking a few times a day, well that’s my goal anyway.

3 days away from Twitter observations. I’m definitely checking my phone less but am missing out on the conversation with readers engaged in my blog. If I’m serious about focusing on my content I think I have to be checking Twitter daily for comments and sharing of my content.

First day off Twitter, definitely used my iPhone less and shared more in blog post form. Images prove a little trickier to share via Micro.Blog to WordPress.