iPad Mini now available in the UK for store pickup

If you’re after an iPad Mini then good news, they are now showing up for in store pickup. I’ve been watching this all week but everyday they haven’t been in stock has been another day I can have a rethink. After being keen to get one straight away I’m holding off now. I’ll pop in and have a play with one in a few weeks maybe but for now I’m good with my 10.5″. Between using my iPhone XS and the 10.5″ I suddenly realised although I love the form factor it’s a bit excessive at the moment for me financially at the moment to spend on something that sits between my phone and iPad.

Using Apple notes as a Journal

I’ve been slowly growing tired of trying third party apps on iOS. I’m not sure if it’s me getting older or trying to consolidate my data in one place but an area I needed to look at was journaling. This is something that I’ve been using DayOne for but not being a premium member It’s becoming a pain as I need to manually remember to backup and manage my entries.

That got me thinking about using Apple Notes as a journal. I use it for everything else so why not?

The first thing I needed to do was to figure out my folder structure. I had plans for an elaborate setup but in the end kept it simple.

I created a folder in Notes simply called Journal. Then within this folder I created a note called Journal 2019. I also pinned it and then added the notes widget to my today screen so that I can quickly get at it.

Every day I create a new entry with the date and just jot down my thoughts along with any images I want to add to the day. It’s pretty simple but will always be in the order of latest first. I can also add as many images as I want, something I can’t do in DayOne without paying and giving them my data.

There were two areas I wanted to address. The first was searching, well after testing I’m happy with what Notes gives me. Secondly images, I can add but if I want to look back I need to see all of the text too. DayOne is great for showing just images but I’ve decided I can just use the photos app for this.

That’s how I’ve initially setup but now I am looking at shortcuts to let me quickly jot down my thoughts rather than fire up Notes every time. I’m happy I don’t have to remember to manually export and backup but now I need to figure out how to get my DayOne into Notes.

watchOS 5.2 released

watchOS 5.2 came out last night and if you’re in the UK it’s now on…watchOS 5.2 came out last night and if you’re in the UK it’s now on par with the health features of the software released back in October in the US. It’ll be interesting to see if sales improve here because I imagine maybe some people were waiting for the new functionality to be released before making a purchase.

For a just over 400MB update I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it updated. Maybe took 10 mins, now sure what Apple did but I hope they are all that quick going forward.

Waiting on the iPad Mini 5

It’s been a strange week with the iPad Mini release date seemingly moving day by day. It’s extra strange that Apple haven’t announced it officially as far as I can tell. Amazon have now moved their release to 29th March from 28th earlier today. I’m still on the fence about getting one but am keen to check out drawing on one to see if it really can become a field notes book for me.

A shortcut to publish to WordPress from Apple Notes

After playing around this morning with Apple Notes publishing to WordPress and with help from Greg Morris I think have a Shortcut to enable it.

Here’s the link.

Let’s you select your note, then asks for Title and tags. It’s pretty rudimentary as this is a first draft but let me know if you use it and make it better.

Note that I’m writing in Markdown when I write the post that I want to publish so that I can create the formatting and links myself. Sharing a Note with an embedded URL or formatting is a little buggy.

# This is a Markdown post from Apple Notes

Giving markdown within Apple Notes a go to post to my site.

Here’s a [link test](http://ljpuk.blog).

Home screen update

Made a few changes to my workflow so wanted to share a revised home screen.

  • GoodTask: giving it another go as I’m determined to only use iCloud for my data and the Reminders app isn’t fit for purpose and pretty neglected at this point
  • Apple Notes: now in my dock as I’m using it for journaling and writing
  • That News icon!! Sigh.