How to get photos off an original iPad

Yes, I’m revisiting some old tech and first up is my original iPad from 2010. It’s full of family photos so when presented with iOS 5 and no iCloud photo sync I needed to have a think about how this was going to work.

Here’s how I did it but you need a Mac to plug it into. You’ll need to plug in your iPad and fire up Photos. If you then open Photos on your iPad you should see the iPad show up in the left hand pane on your Mac.

I created a new Album on the Mac photo library called “old iPad”. I then selected the iPad and selected all of the photos it showed me was on it. I then simply imported and picked the “old iPad” album to import into.

These are family pictures so I created an iCloud photo share and moved the images up to the cloud to share with others. Not idea but the best I could do with the older iOS.

iPhone XS home screen

This months home screen update. No huge changes here, updated to match my iPad one from the other day. Most distractions moved to the second page and I’m now using screen time to limit certain apps to 30 minutes a day, such as

What’s up with the Apple News Today view?

I’ve given up using Apple News, mainly because of the Today view that is constantly broken for me.

Mine only shows everything from days ago not today. Even though my sites themselves have newer stories the Today view never updates.

I’ve got back to actually reading the sites via the DuckDuckGo browser.

Anyone else?

I spend time trying my best to write thoughtful posts and my most read one is “how to factory reset a Sonos 1”. Guess it’s good I’m helping others in a small way…

IPad Pro home screen (April ‘19)

Thought I’d post an update to my home screen on my iPad Pro 10.5″. Recently newly setup my warranty replacement so this is pretty new, literally just got to setting up today.

As you can see I’m still using Emoji for my folders

  • Social
  • Apple
  • Creative
  • Stuff

Then just the apps that are used more often on the home screen and my dock.

Apps are pretty consistent but moved back to OmniFocus. Despite rumours of a refreshed Reminders I have zero confidence in Apple’s ability to create a good app these days so I’m sticking with third party for my productivity. I am sticking with Notes however as it does everything I need it to and sync is reliable.

Second viewing of Avengers: Endgame. Still loved it. Less anxious watching it this time so I could just sit back and enjoy it completely.