iPhone XS durability

I’ve already written up my mid term thoughts on the XS but I wanted to post a few more shots of the wear and tear my iPhone has picked up without a case.

The screen is still brittle compared to earlier iPhones in my opinion, held up ok but has a few scratches like the one I highlighted above.

I love that worn in Millennium Falcon look to my tech, the stainless steel band has picked up its fair share of scratches.

The back glass has held up great and is only showing a small scratch near the bottom that I can’t get in a photo.

Overall I’m impressed at how durable the stainless steel and glass combination has been, I would prefer aluminium and the jet black finish of the iPhone 7 or a 5c plastic but those days are gone unfortunately.

Diving into the iOS 13 Reminders app

I’ve had a lot going on but wanted to stop for a minute and give some thoughts on the new Reminders app.

9to5Mac managed to score some iOS 13 shots and the one that peaked my interest was the new Reminders app. First off it’s not what I envisaged but it has potential. This could look pretty nice in dark mode, especially if they somehow integrate the Calendar.

Reminders, right pane

This looks to be an inbox where everything goes until you decide what to do with it. Just like any other to do app but this one puts it front and centre.

Reminders Lists

Lists look to be displayed on the bottom portion of the left pane as they do today. This makes a lot of sense and getting to the lists quickly is something I like now with the current Reminders app.


This has me thinking one of two things. It’s a free list of things you want to get done today, along with (hopefully) your Calendar. I’m confused why there would be a scheduled view too as they would surely be displayed in Today if due today.


The best guess I have is that this is like upcoming in Things 3. It shows your scheduled Reminders due after today. Anything due today will be in the Today view.


All of your Reminders in one place, not sure why this view is needed. You can already see anything you have with the other views.


At last, you’ve been able to flag reminders already but no way of viewing them all in one place.

Overall thoughts

Obviously this could be an old mock up of the app or an alternative design but it does seem official. I won’t be delving in too deep until iOS 13 beta but I’m cautiously optimistic about the changes Apple may have made to Reminders to make it more in line with other third party offerings out there.

Rediscovering RSS

I’ve flirted with RSS in the past, well before Twitter came along. I got to rely on getting my news from there instead of reading the sites directly or their RSS feed. Now I’m pulling back on Twitter I rediscovered reading sites directly via Safari. This was all well and good but time consuming, I don’t like Apple News particularly either so thought hey I remember you, you’re RSS.

I had a look at the apps out there and chose to use FieryFeeds.

It took me a few minutes to figure it all out but I keep it pretty simple. I simply added the sites I visit one at a time, the app finds their RSS. I can now either go to the RSS direct or see a compiled view of what’s been going on using the Today section. I paid £9.99 (yearly) to the developer to support the app and get iCloud sync of my feeds for more than ten sites.

Taking a step back (slowly removing myself from Twitter)

I wrote this post about how I’m trying to be more intentional using social media. Well after trying it I’m changing it up and deleting them completely. Twitter gives me very little in return for the negativity that I’m seeing. It’s become a habit to check what’s going on but I share very little these days. I won’t be deleting my account but will occasionally be checking in for my DM’s and won’t be replying to @mentions very quickly at all (sorry). These checks will be done in Safari on the Mac.

If you want to contact me about podcasting or anything really then you can use my contact page here and I’ll get back to you. I’m also thinking of a slack room which might be a good way to stay in touch if I don’t have you on iMessage already.

I’m also moving over to Micro.blog where you’ll find me here. If you want to support a great project then please consider doing the same.

I hope I’m getting across my feelings on this but I’ve got a lot going on and trying to stay positive and also create content is getting harder for me these days. I don’t want to disappear completely but need to take steps to move in the right direction.

Does the Yamaha THR5 work with the iPad?

I picked up a Yamaha THR5 as a desktop amp that I could also use to record with. I’ve recorded on both an iPad and Mac in the past so wanted it to work on either of these. The bad news for my iPad is that it doesn’t recognise the signal coming into it.

I tried USB from the amp into the camera connection kit then into the iPad. GarageBand and Bias don’t show a signal at all. Yamaha could patch this one but not sure what the demand is. I can’t try usb-c as I have an older 10.5 with a lightning connector.

So I can record with my MacBook so not the end of the world as I’m quite used to Logic Pro, which is a superior app to GarageBand anyways.

Only option for getting an iPad input is to use the headphone out or a microphone plugged into the iPad.

Eye strain on the iPhone XS

I think I’m being bothered by PWM, here’s a great post with an explainer. Over the last couple of years of using an OLED and FaceId on the new iPhone X models I’ve had spells on and off with eye fatigue and general focussing (yes, I’m getting old and had my eyes tested 😀). I found a few forums on people experiencing similar issues and started to use my iPhone less. Since getting the iPad Mini and using an LCD and most of the time I do feel like my eyes are a bit more rested. I’m not saying either way if the flicker on the OLED is causing me issues as I’m only just experimenting with it but wondered if anyone else felt like this?

I don’t think FaceId is a concern here, Apple have gone through testing to make sure it’s safe for the eyes but the flicker below 50% brightness has some credibility. Once I switch back to my iPhone 7 for a bit I should be in a better position to know what’s what.

Eric Johnson thinline Fender Stratocaster

As I’m sharing more and more of my passions I’m finding that my older followers are remembering I started off sharing my guitar stuff. As a result of that I’ll be posting a bit more of it rather than just technology. I wanted to share a few images of the new guitar I’ve picked up to help inspire my to get back into playing and recording.

Here’s the official Fender site.

I took a few pics with both my iPhone and DSLR I wanted to share with you.

The design seems to be a love or hate thing in the community but I love it. Always wanted a semi hollow and being in one of my favourite guitars made this immediately appealing for me.

The body and neck are nitrocellulose finished so it’ll be shiny and a bit sticky until it wears in.

Eric Johnson has some of the best clean tones out there and the signature model doesn’t disappoint. Between the semi hollow and pickups this is the best sounding clean guitar I’ve played.

The case is great, vintage looking and comfortable to carry.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this guitar ages over time.

Next up is restringing with my favourite gauge and getting recording.