#shotoniphone photo gallery

I’ve tried to use my iPhone as much as possible as a point and shoot and been very inspired by this Reddit thread highlighting what you can do with an iPhone. What’s nice is that it shows with the right lighting you can get stunning shots with any iPhone, you should see some of the iPhone SE and 6 shots in there.

Hope you find some inspiration here like I have.

How to spot a fake Apple link bracelet band

I recently got conned by the UK store CEX. It turns out they are quite happy selling on fake goods that they have purchased at an extortionate price. I wanted a stainless steel bracelet but couldn’t bring myself to spend £340 for one brand new. I picked a used original up for £85 via CEX but it turned out to be a £10 amazon knock off.

Here’s the knock off, check how poorly finished and nothing like the original clasp is.

Here’s the original (above), completely different.

Also check out the holes on the edge of the strap, the original has none of this as you can see in the image I’ve marked up to show the clasp.

So that’s the main difference, also there are no markings so show made by Apple etc.

Avoid CEX at all costs when looking at picking up a cheap watch band.

Doing my best not to nitpick (and be more positive)

After listening to another tech podcast this morning (something I’m trying to do less of these days) it struck me that my tendency to nitpick and find faults isn’t being helped by their consumption. We live in an age with some amazing technology around us but some people (including me sometimes) are never happy with anything and always see faults in things. Seeing the glass half full is a problem I’ve wrestled with for as long as I can remember but I’m doing my best to turn that around.

I don’t know what that looks like just yet, but I do know that my first few steps are going to be something like (I’m writing this as I think of them…)

  • Spend a lot less time on Twitter (again!)
  • Significantly reduce my time listening to podcasts, especially the more nitpick ones 🙂
  • Pick up journaling again, especially around noting a few positives that have happened that day

Going forward you’re probably going to see a few more posts like this and less on iOS 13 testing (I’m now totally back to iOS 12), I hope this is ok with everyone.

I’ve had no contact from Apple on my data loss

So I raised a radar around my data loss in iCloud (activity) data. I’ve listened to a few podcasts and it would appear that engineers are reaching out but I’ve had nothing. Yes I installed a beta but given the importance of this type of data I’m disappointed that I’ve had no contact at all.

This isn’t a moan just another warning to not use iOS 13 without a backup.

Finding my niche

It’s been a good few months for getting feedback on my writing, this seems to only have happened in 2019. Prior to this I tried to follow other sites I liked but over the last 10 months or so I have subconsciously changed my writing style.

The feedback I’ve gotten is that my posts are short and mostly to the point. I’ve found that with so much going on today having short posts must be helping people discover and thankfully read my stuff

So I’ll keep this post short 😀 and say thanks to everyone that has pointed this out to me and helped me keep on writing.

Back to making smaller posts from Micro.Blog and longer posts on the blog itself. Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment so stepping back from engaging in social media via Twitter for a bit.

Struggling with FaceID

It’s not a new topic for me but after switching back to my XS from the iPhone 7 I instantly got frustrated with FaceID. I was out and about and with the UK getting some sun (a rare occurrence these days) I was outside. FaceID failed 100% of the time (on iOS 12) and I instantly remembered why I liked using the iPhone 7 so much. I returned the iPhone 7 as I couldn’t justify keeping with the new iPhone launch so close but depending on what gets released this year I may be going back.

I long for the time when we get TouchID back as an under screen fingerprint reader but I have to admit I struggle to see this coming. Unless it’s free with the screen that Apple manufactures in a later iPhone but I feel that FaceID is here to stay.

That’s saddens me as someone that isn’t convinced by the technology. I don’t want to compare to Samsung but there’s something nice about having a device with multiple ways to authenticate.

What do you think? Do you love FaceID? Would you like multiple options?

Going back to iOS 12

I had a day out yesterday and it reminded my why you shouldn’t run iOS 13 on your main device just yet. At home it’s been ok but yesterday my faceid failed and didn’t allow me to enter a passcode and my iPhone XS was running really hot. I’ll be moving onto iOS 12 now until the public beta in a month. I’ve cancelled my developer account this year as I can’t justify paying £79 a year just to run a beta.