How I’m getting feedback on my writing

If you’re following me on social you’ll know I’m trying to pull back but I’ve discovered that it’s how I get the majority of feedback on my writing these days. I’m lucky that I do still get comments on my blog but do suffer with spam comments I need to manage. The amount of spam and more specifically comments on the blog has wound down to almost nothing now. What I’m finding is the blog shares posts out to my twitter account and I’m getting feedback there instead.

Twitter is the one social network I’m engaged in and is important for the growth of my writing and building my readership.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Ant-Man helmet review

I love the Hasbro Black series stuff, I have an Iron Man helmet, Cap shield and Infinity Gauntlet. For the money (sometimes as low as £50) they are the best way to get into collecting or in my daughters case, wearing the helmet of your favourite superhero.

They are made of hard plastic but have loads of detail and are well painted.

On the Ant-Man one you take off the respirator to access the battery compartment. For this one the batteries power coloured LED’s to make them blue or red.

Inside we have the usual plastic adjustment to fit to your head size.

The antenna come separately in the box and require fitting.

If you’re an MCU fan that wants a great looking prop for your shelf then I can’t recommend these highly enough.

Gang Beasts controls

I came across Gang Beasts a couple of years ago but didn’t pick it up until very recently but it’s one of the best games I’ve played online for a while.

Here’s the official site for more info on the game itself.

It’s not obvious what the controls are so here are the ones I use most.

  • L1: left punch or hold to grab
  • R1: right punch or hold to grab
  • Hold both L1 and R2 then triangle to pick up
  • Hold X to run
  • Circle to head but

That’s pretty much all you need control wise.

Will the Nintendo Switch Lite be more comfortable?

I love my Switch but still find it uncomfortable to use for long periods. When I first got it at launch it struck me how flat it was, I’m not sure if it’s the position of the sticks but I find it sets my RSI off. Now I’m playing a lot of Doom 3 it’s hit me again, especially when I’m trying to move forward and use the shoulder buttons. For my hands the positioning feel off.

Well with the introduction of the smaller Lite I’m hoping it’ll help me.

I’m looking at the smaller 5.5″ screen and it’s impact on the size of the overall console. It may make it worse but seeing the contours around the sides compared to the current switch I’m hopeful it’ll make it more comfortable for those like me.

I’ll definitely be picking one up in stores to get some play time to check.

How do you find playing the switch?

Growing your blog (by staying off Twitter)

I’ve been slowly but surely growing my content and readership over the last few years but noticed a trend in myself that has had a negative effect on it – social media, more specifically my use of it.

Here’s just a sample of my blog stats over the last few weeks since I put social apps back on my phone. I wanted to highlight the following.

  • Red: marks where I disengaged with social media for the day and posted my thoughts on my own site that I own rather than giving it to Twitter
  • Blue: marks where I was engaging on social

It’s not rocket science I know but from my own habits I need to use (delete) social and share my thoughts on my own platform.

If you want to start growing your blog and be more focussed on it’s content try deleting Twitter off your devices and share your thoughts on your blog instead. I use the WordPress app and can quickly share my thoughts like I would have on Twitter.

Hasbro releasing a Boba Fett helmet

Yes! I love the Hasbro legends series on the Marvel stuff but not selves into the Star Wars line yet, until now.

I’m a fan of collecting helmets and a Boba one has been on my bucket list but couldn’t afford to get one until now. The quality of the Hasbro Marvel props can’t be beat at the price so I’m comfortable ordering sight unseen.

Here’s the link if you’re looking to preorder in the uk.

Here’s the Hasbro link.

Apple, let me opt out of people listening to my Siri requests

Very interesting article in the guardian about actual humans listening to Siri voice recordings. This is something that both Google and Amazon are doing but with the stance Apple take on privacy this is definitely a knock for the them. The main issue is that I certainly wasn’t aware this was happening and there appears to be no way to opt out.

If you’re uncomfortable with this then turn off Siri for now. I’d expect Apple to resolve this and give an option to opt out pretty quickly. If not, then they will have to justify why there isn’t one.

How to stop BBC apps tracking your use

It annoys me that is on by default rather than asking permission so thought I’d share how to turn it off.

Most of the BBC apps are the same in terms of settings. Head to settings and then check the share stats settings.

It’s a bit different in the sport app.