Low light iPhone XS photos

Went to Legoland this week was more impressed with my iPhone XS in low light than I thought I’d be.

Any movement will punish you but if you can keep it steady then it was pretty impressive.

I haven’t got a Pixel to compare it to anymore but would have been a great way to test Night sight.

Picking up an iPhone 11 this year?

I debated switching to a (yellow) iPhone XR this year but ultimately decided I use the 2x camera zoom too much to go back to a single lens. The rumoured XR becoming the starting point this year with 2 lenses has me reconsidering this. I’d love some colour this year and having something with 2x zoom and an LCD (I see the flicker on my XS in certain scenarios) might be time to switch.

Having said that I mainly upgrade for the camera and the 11 Pro with it’s 3 camera setup looks like it might be a big step up this year.

I’ll need to check on how much trade in I’d get on my XS but with us only a couple of weeks away it’s going to be an interesting one.

iPhone XS leather case patina and having a case personal to you

I’ve been using the leather case on and off for a good few months now and it’s really starting to look like mine. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with cases since the introduction of the slippery iPhone 6 and have always disliked the way they made my iPhone look. They also sometimes hindered operation in having hard to push buttons etc.

Well even after my strong opinion on using them my saddle brown case has become my go to and has patina’d really nicely and is unique to me.

I sped up the process early on with putting oil on it and sanding the slippery finish off, I also put it through a washing machine cycle. Since then it’s taken on some more colour and shows signs of banging up against keys, me picking at it and drops.

If you’re ok with leather then picking up an official Apple case should be the default case you get when you get a new iPhone.

Looking back at the Original iPhone

I put some charge into my old Apple collection yesterday and was struck with how much of it still charges and works. Here’s my original iPhone, damage and all.

It looks beautiful to me with dings and scrapes and if I could somehow get my sim in it I’d use it for a few days as a test.

The design is iconic at this point and I still miss the smaller rounder form factor.

I had to dig around for the old cable and once I found it and put some charge into it I was pleasantly surprised that it worked fine.

I’m even a fan of the two tone look with the plastic at the bottom to help with antennas.

I’ll need to see if I can get it booted up past this screen in iTunes and try to run it on WiFi next. As you can see the silver band makes a comeback in the iPhone XS silver model and I still think it’s a classy look.

The screen picked up a bit of damage along the way, cracked in the lower left but doesn’t have an impact on the home button.

Should I try to get it past the iTunes logo?

D23: Marvel Studio’s full Phase 4 TV shows

Source: Reddit

So at D23 we have the full slate of shows coming to Disney+ Over the next two years. The new additions are Ms Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk. Moon Knight is a pretty dark character (darker than Batman) so it’s going to be interesting to see how this one gets pitched. She-Hulk and Ms Marvel are both important characters to introduce so also looking forward to them.

My standouts are Falcon and Winter Soldier and WanderVision.

Disney+ cant launch soon enough.

Roll on movie announcements (keeps fingers crossed for Fantastic Four).

Another feature I’m missing from the Apple Watch

I’m on a bit of a trial separation from my Apple Watch at the moment and having already written about how I missed the calendar I’ve come across another one.

I’m back to my trusty Casio F-91w, an absolute classic. It’s so light I forget I’m wearing it so this means it’s often on when I’m in bed but I’ve discovered that I’m missing raise to wake.

The light on the F-91w is pretty feeble and it only just about lights up the hour, let along the minutes and seconds.

Having the entire screen be able to light up using an Apple Watch is something that I’m definitely missing in this break from it.