The iPhone 11 Pro battery is mega

I didn’t think this would be my favourite feature of a new phone but the battery on the 11 Pro is a beast. I’m genuinely forgetting when I last charged.

It’s 07:30am on Saturday.

Last time I charged was 10am yesterday and I’ve still got 25% battery life left. This is normal use for me

  • Podcasts
  • Music
  • Photography and video
  • Workouts with my Apple Watch

My XS would have needed a full charge by now. If you’re in need of battery then I can’t recommend the 11 Pro highly enough.

iOS 13 Reminders setup

If you follow me you’ll know I’ve had issues with the backend sync of the new Reminders app in iOS 13 since July. This led me back to third party solutions but in the last couple of days I’ve managed to fix the issue and I’m back using it. I thought I’d share my initial setup.

I’m keeping it pretty basic for now. A list for each area of focus in my life. There’s more to come here but I’m starting off slowly.

I’m using the ‘Today’ view to see what I have due. This is a mix of reminders with simply a due date and ones with the complete time also set. I’ve been wanting a free running today list for years and I have it now.

I go into Today and then either update the list of what I want done or adding new ones freely, something that I do most often.

Is the iPhone 11 Pro slippery?

This is a question I had as soon as I saw the new matte glass finish and now I’ve been using it without a case I feel that I can comment.

Th matte texture definitely feels more high end than a straight glass back but it’s less tacky. If you hold the iPhone XS in your hand and balance it I found it wouldn’t slide off the palm of you’d hand thanks to some errr “hand sweat”… the matte finish of the 11 Pro slips straight off. So in hand it is more slippery.

This changes a little if you have space grey or midnight green. The sides are colour coated and this adds a tackiness that the silver model doesn’t have. The sides feel like the old jet black iPhone 7.

It’s a different story though when it comes to how it sits on objects such as a sofa arm. My XS would slide off my sofa even when on the fairly straight arm. The 11 Pro sits there fine. This is same if I’m balancing it on my trouser leg, the texture seems to help it stay where you put it.

For me I think I prefer the in hand feel of the XS but the look of the 11 Pro. I’ve ordered a red silicone case to use when I’m out and about in places I think I’ll be more likely to drop it but generally I think I’m back to no case.

How do you find it?

iPhone 11 Pro close up indoor photography

I promised I’d do more testing and posts with samples so here’s the results of some indoor shots. Lightly edited with the Apple Photos app. All taken with the standard wide angle (1x lens) via the Apple camera app.

Trying to get in as close as possible.

Gotta get some Prime in there!

My current pen of choice…

And of course some Lego!

Some initial thoughts on the iPhone 11 Pro

So I’m on day five of using a midnight green iPhone 11 Pro and wanted to share my thoughts so far.

The colour

I wasn’t sure about going for Midnight Green this year after using and really liking Silver last year. After this short period I’m glad I went for this colour, it’s hard to see unless there is some light hitting it and there’s a side effect of having a coating on the sides – it adds some grip. It’s a nice colour and looks great with dark mode. The only thing that might bother me is if this coating comes off over time. It didn’t when I had a space grey X.

Using without a case

The matte back doesn’t add any grip on hand but feels (and looks) great. I always loved the look of a matte coating on the back of the iPhone and now I have it without using a skin. I have played with using the yellow leather case but it wears so dirty that I’m returning it. I hate this term but I’ll use “Apple care as my case” for now. I’m going to pick up a silicone Apple case though to have just incase I’m off to the beach or somewhere I know it’ll get scratched up. Oh and the matte finish adds enough texture to stop it sliding off surfaces, like my sofa!


Wow, this camera is amazing. Where I’ve noticed it the most is indoor shots in room lighting. This tends to be where I get the majority of my family (including our cat) pics and comparing the images against ones I took on the X and XS it isn’t even comparable. Night mode kicks in and brightens those shots up where it needs to. Outside I’m seeing better dynamic range with the improved smart HDR feature. I’m using zoom less and trying to figure out ultra wide but I’m sure this will change when the novelty of a new lens wears off.


I work from home so unless I’m on a client site I don’t get bothered by battery particularly but have noticed I’m charging less.


To be honest I’m not seeing a difference in day to day use.

Loss of 3D Touch

I definitely miss it but it’s not bothering me much to be honest. The only two places are moving the cursor around (now you need to tap and hold the space bar) and rearranging apps on the home screen seems slower.

Should you upgrade?

If the camera is important to you then yes, if you go for either the 11 or 11 Pro then you won’t be disappointed.

Using Evernote for blogging

I’ve had a bit of a loss of confidence in iCloud recently, yes it’s been beta but even now on the official iOS 13 I’m losing data. I need to call Apple this week to resolve but in the meantime I switched over to Evernote and already seeing how it might work out better for me.

I tend to dump writing ideas as I think of them. I don’t have a to do list of posts I’d like to write but a series of half written posts that I’m keeping in Evernote. As I think of an idea I start to write it down, even if it’s simply a title.

Within here I have my posts.

I’ve got a ‘writing’ notebook that contains all of my ideas and published posts. This seems to be working well for me so far.

Couple of niggles or things to work out.

  1. Sharing directly to WordPress?
  2. Can I change the default fonts?

If you happen to know any of these two please let me know 😀