Changing to a dark theme

I’ve made a change to the blog today and moved to a darker theme. Hoping this new theme doesn’t blow people’s eyes out in the middle of the night, plus its good to have a change every now and again.

Should you upgrade to watchOS 6.1 on the Apple Watch Series 2?

My Apple Watch Series 2 continues to keep working and I was reluctant to upgrade watchOS based on how well watchOS 5 was doing. After a full day of testing I’m happy to report that watchOS 6 running on the series 2 is fine. I’ve found it to be no more laggy than watchOS 5 and the battery to be pretty much the same. I’m over 24 hours without a charge and I’m still at 24% left.

Where I’m getting a little frustrated is lag in tapping and something happening but this isn’t a watchOS 6 thing, it’s a series 2 thing. Given I don’t wear my watch all of the time these days I’m not in a place where I can justify an upgrade but the performance of the series 2 is making me think it won’t get watchOS 7. If you’re like me then hold off until it no longer supports the latest version of watchOS.

How to get patina on your iPhone 11 Pro leather case

If you remember last year I artificially aged my saddle brown leather case using sandpaper and oils. Well this year I’ve decided to let it naturally age, to be honest it’s what I’d recommend. The saddle brown is slippery out of the box but give it a couple of weeks and it’ll start to develop patina.

Mines a couple of weeks in and it’s started to darken on the edges now. What you can’t see is the protective slippery layer is breaking down and it’s much more tacky.

The back shows signs of wear now and is starting to get a bit of personality just based off my individual usage.

I’ll update as it ages over time.

Here’s my original post.

Ztotop iPhone 11 Pro case

I picked up this £10 case on Amazon on a whim to review but I’m actually quite liking it.

To be honest it’s your standard hard plastic case that offers some drop protection but what I like about it is the colour.

It’s a bluey green with orange buttons, one of my favourite combinations.

On the back it’s a matte finish that is a little rubbery. Similar to the back of the naked iPhone 11 Pro.

All sides are protected and there is a good amount of space around the ports.

I’m obviously not testing drop protection given I buy my own technology. I wouldn’t bank on it though, get an otterbox.

Overall for the money I can’t recommend this case highly enough, it’s adds some colour to your iPhone whilst not adding a great deal of bulk.

iPhone 11 Pro Home screen

I’m a bit all over the place with my productivity at the moment so this month it’s a bit in flux but wanted to stay on schedule and share. My main app struggle has been finding something with a widget that allows me to easily see the next few days. I did use Eventail but it’s broken in iOS 13 so I needed to switch. I’ve settled on Google Calendar. It’s a nice looking app and the widget easily allows me to see what’s coming up in the next few days. I trust Google more than a lot of other third party apps so I’m fine integrating my iCloud calendar with it.

On to do’s well I’m still struggling. I like Reminders but find the app behaviour a little frustrating. I’m currently testing out Things 3 and Todoist but feel like I’m leaning towards Things 3. I’ve already paid for the app rather than having a monthly subscription, sync is rock solid and I like the calendar integration.

Another new addition is Google Maps as a backup as I’ve had a few issues with Apple maps recently.

Let’s see what sticks this month and I’ll continue to post these monthly.

How to keep track of events on iOS using DayCount

I’ve been tracking a few things over the years, mainly around my purchases. I like to keep track of how long I’ve had my gadgets to help motivate me to keep them as long as possible and be a bit more environmentally friendly.

To do this I’m using an app called DayCount. It’s a pretty simple app and allows me to track anything I want. I can track how many days I’ve had a particular item as above or even habit streaks.

To be honest I’m only just getting into the streak tracking so I’ll need to report back on that.

If you’re after a simple way to track days since or until something like a special holiday then you can’t go wrong with this simple little app, it really does do exactly what I want out of a date tracker.