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Why Apple News+ didn’t make it past the free trial

Apple News+ launched here in the UK this month and I didn’t keep it past the free trial, here’s why.

Supporting magazines is something I did 10 years ago by having annual subscriptions to several UK based ones. Since moving to reading on smaller blogs and finding new voices that I trusted I stopped reading them. It wasn’t so much the money saved but the fact I get up to date information and more details about the various niches I’m into.

Using Apple News+ was a nice change going back to the magazine format but two things were a problem. The first was reading a magazine wasn’t the best experience. I’m not sure if this is Apple or the publisher but I found navigating to be cumbersome. I also missed interactive experiences. For a guitar magazine they often have tablature you can follow along with but none of this has been enabled in this electronic format so they are useless.

Secondly I felt like I was being marketed at constantly, I have no interest in lifestyle or gossip magazines but I found it annoying to see these being peddled to me every time I went in to read my guitar magazines. This also cluttered up my Apple News app showing me articles from the magazines in my news feed!

So between seeing content I have no interest in and a format that publishers don’t appear to be embracing I’ll keep my £9.99 a month.

Missing an always on Apple Watch display

Now I’ve started to wear traditional watches again when I do go back to the Apple Watch I’m finding it even more frustrating that the display isn’t always on. The weird thing though is that when I wore my Apple Watch full time I never missed it, I was used to raising my wrist (when it worked) or tapping the screen.

My most used watch over the last few months is the classic F-91w, but I’m looking over at the always on display with some envy. The thing I miss from my Apple Watch when I’m not wearing it isn’t the fitness stuff but the ability to see my next appointments and reminders. I’m terribly forgetful (I’m reminded of this daily by those around me…) and when I don’t have this easily accessible it introduces a level of anxiety for me.

I’m on a series 4 stainless steel that Apple will give me £80 for on trade in! That’s taking the Mikey but I’m sorely tempted to sell it privately and upgrade.

The hunt for a leather Apple Watch band

I don’t wear my Apple Watch every day but when come back to it I always miss my leather band that I have on my mechanical watch (hirsch leather band).

Now they don’t make an Apple Watch band and the one that Apple sells I like are over £300! So I’m on the hunt for one. Amazon is full of cheap ones but I’m looking for something from a reputable company.

Any suggestions? Nomad maybe is the closest I’ve seen.

Negative Tech Twitter

It struck me yesterday during the Microsoft keynote how negative and nit picky my follows are on Twitter and how I need to balance them out a bit more. As you’d imagine I follow a lot of Apple pundits who either criticise everything or don’t appear to appreciate the very audience that is paying their bills. It’s been bugging me especially through the somewhat ropey iOS 13 launch, yes I’m a little guilty on this front.

I’m trying to be more positive and see the glass a bit more half full and being back on Twitter is really having a negative effect on my ability to do this.

I’m not sure if it’s best to remove myself from Twitter for a bit or do another mass unfollow.

As a start I’m removing the apps on my iOS devices and I’ll only check in for notifications on my Mac or via Safari on the iPad maybe weekly for a month to see if this helps.

Any advice?

Losing trust in iCloud

If you follow tech you may know that iOS 13 has been the roughest iOS release in a while and for me it’s severely dented my trust in iCloud.

I’ve been doing some planning in Notes and on checking the sync between my devices I realised that they were all showing different counts.

Here’s my iPad Pro showing 39.

Here’s my iPhone, showing 23.

I’ve also noticed that my photos and video counts are out of sync too so that has me very worried, more on this later once I’ve figured out what’s going on.

I’m currently reviewing how I move forward but it won’t be using iCloud for now.

Apple News+ not showing across your iOS devices?

It’s been a slow rollout here in the UK but now it’s here I had some inconsistencies. On my iPad Pro and iPhone it wasn’t showing as available in my country. On my iPad Mini it showed and I was able to subscribe.

Once subscribed I still couldn’t see it on my other devices.

To fix this I needed to delete the News app from my other devices and download again from the App Store. Once I had done this it worked fine for me across all devices.

Is FaceID better on the iPhone 11 Pro?

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I’ve had a love/hate relationship with FaceID since the iPhone X. I’ve had the same frustrations with both the X and XS models but suddenly realised it hadn’t been an annoyance on the iPhone 11 Pro.

I’ve been using my phone in the same way as I did my previous ones and it’s been unlocking first time for me on more occasions. It seems I can hold it further away from my face than previous models and it unlocks fine.

Where I still struggle with is sunglasses outside in bright sunlight. I wear Oakley sunglasses with reflective lenses so all I can think is that there is too much sunlight obscuring the IR sensor to work.

In my opinion FaceID has improved with the iPhone 11 line but still has issues in bright sunlight.

What’s your experience been like?