How I’m managing my day with OmniFocus

I’m a couple of weeks in with using OmniFocus exclusively and it’s actually starting to stick. I wanted to write a series of posts on how I’m using it in my daily life.

First up each morning I’m looking at what I have on my plate and adjusting the day to suit my availability and energy.

I tap on the relevant day in the forecast view to drill into the day itself.

This shows me my agenda and the to do items I have set for the day.

If there is something on there I’m not going to be able to achieve I’ll long press and move to tomorrow.

My forecast view also shows me any items I’d like to get done today but haven’t set a due date or time. I tag these items with ‘today’ and change the view settings to show me them in my forecast view.

These show at the bottom of the list in the forecast view.

That gives me a view of the day within the app. To supplement this I also use the widget and the Apple Watch complication to have a quick reference of how I’m getting on.

So far the data sync has been good but if I’m updating on my iPad and don’t open the app on my iPhone to sync then app notifications do get a bit out of sync.

Pitaka Air for iPhone 11 Pro review

I’ve been using the Pitaka Air for a few days now and wanted to share my thoughts on what I’m it’s like to use day in day out. I came across this case whilst listening to a podcast and after checking some details on the case immediately knew it was one I wanted to check out.

It’s on the expensive side (around £50 at the time of writing) but based on my experience it’s up there with the official Apple cases in terms of quality so it’s somewhat justified. It’s also the first case in a while I’ve not thought about taking off once.

The case itself is super thin, like a few pieces of paper thin and weighs hardly anything. It’s a snap on case and is easy to apply, just make sure you have wiped off your iPhone before putting it on.

It’s made of a carbon fibre type material that feels tough and the finish hasn’t scratched up at all. It’s got a nice amount of grip and because it’s so thin it doesn’t feel like you have a case on the phone particularly. The finish of the case adds just the right amount of grip and getting it in and out of pocket is easy.

All of the buttons, some of the top and some of the bottom are exposed. This makes using it easy, no rigid plastic over the existing buttons. I like this approach but it’s no Otterbox, this doesn’t look a particularly drop proof case. I’m perfectly fine with this, I’m looking for something that adds grip but no bulk, this case does that. If you’re after something that gives you more confidence on big drops you’ll want to look elsewhere.

If you worry about screen scratches you’ll still want to apply a screen protector. There isn’t a lip around the case, which I love. I hate cases that restrict gestures of actually using the device.

For me this is the perfect case, price aside (an included screen protector would have been nice) it’s the first case in a while I forget is on there. Personally I like the carbon fibre look and the extra grip it adds is all I need really in a case.

As someone that is usually caseless I’m always looking for something as thin as possible. This case gives a good balance of being barely there.

If you are ok spending £40+ on an iPhone case and want something to give basic day to day protection then this case really is the one to get.

A shortcut for day trips

I’m taking baby steps with shortcuts and this time I’m actually getting it. I’ve tried in the past but I think I was going the wrong way about it. Now I’m starting small and thinking of little time savers for things I do frequently.

I’m trying to create a shortcut that I enable when I’m out on day trips to help preserve some battery life.

I’m just a couple of steps in so far as I think about steps I can take to put me in that maximum battery saving day trip mode.

Here’s the link to the above.

I’m open to suggestions of what to add.

Giving up on The Mandalorian

It’s not out in the UK for another 4 months but with the BBC ruining it with spoilers for me I’ve given up waiting to watch it and just going to accept I’ll know what happens. It does sour Disney+ for me a little and I doubt I’ll sign up now until Falcon and The Winter Soldier or Obi Wan Kenobi comes out.

I’ve no idea why Disney can’t release a smaller amount of content here in the UK or release on iTunes for us Star Wars super fans.

Of course there are alternative ways to watch, which I’m sure most of the UK fan base are already doing and will continue to do so even with the official launch here.

Living in a country with so many close ties to the franchise it’s weird to be left out.

BBC puts The Mandalorian spoilers on it’s front page

Sigh, I’ve done my best to avoid spoilers for The Mandalorian but now BBC continues it’s trend of turning into Buzzfeed by putting spoilers on the main page.

The site has been getting worse for years but this is a little ridiculous, they may as well run adverts on the site now and give me some of my license money back.

I’m not going to ruin it but if you want to be as spoiler free as possible you need to disconnect from the internet completely.

How to get better battery life on the Apple Watch

At the moment I’m using the Apple Watch sporadically whilst I figure out where it fits in my life but have been playing around with settings to test battery life. I’m on a Nike Series 2 and to be fair aside from some lag here and there it’s still a great Apple Watch. The battery lasts longer than the Series 5 I had for a brief period and not needing an always on display I’m sticking to this one when I do use it.

Here’s a few tips that I wanted to share to get the best battery life out of your Apple Watch.

Use cinema mode

This is activated by swiping up on the watch then hitting the icon marked above. I use it if I leave my watch on to sleep but also in the day if I’m out and about on a long family day out for instance. It’ll turn off the screen and only be enabled when you tap it.

Turn off background refresh on apps you don’t use

Within the watch app on your iPhone you can go into Background App Refresh settings and turn off all of the apps that you don’t need to be making updates in the background.

Shorter screen on time

Under wake screen settings make sure you have 15 seconds for the on tap settings, the shortest setting.

Turn the brightness to the minimum

Even on it’s lowest setting the screen is fine to my eyes and will save you a little battery throughout the day.

Pair down Notifications

It won’t have a massive impact but on showing notifications you care about is something else that you can do to help. This also helps to avoid too many distractions, I only have notifications for messages and calls.

iPhone home screen (Nov 2019)

Sticking with a fairly basic home screen this month. Loved snapseed to the main page now I’m using it more and more. Reeder is how I’m catching on any news and my favourite blogs. Omnifocus is my productivity app of choice. Notes is syncing again so I’m testing it out. Finally I’m getting more into shortcuts so I’ve moved that onto my front page.

My second page is a bit of a dumping ground so not that well organised more reference apps as and when I need them.

Patina on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro leather case

I’m still unhappy with most iPhone cases but now I’ve been using the leather case a bit more it’s started to develop a nice patina.

Last year I did this artificially but wearing it in naturally is a bit more satisfying. The Apple cases are a bit slippery out of the box but a few weeks in and they start to wear in. I’m still not completely comfortable having a leather case but for now it’ll do. I’ve got a review case coming in soon that I think will be better, more on this soon.