Blogging in 2019, a year in review

I’ve tried to post daily here and looking back I can see it’s had a big impact on the traffic coming to the blog.

I’m not setting the world alight but for me I’m up over 14,000 views over the previous year. I’m still a nobody in the grand scheme of things but I enjoy sharing regardless of these stats.

Resetting a Sonos continues to drive most traffic but strangely an iPhone case post beats it this year. Continues to show that if you want to build traffic how to’s are the way to do it.

Bulk of traffic coming from Search and Social but readers have started to pick up from WordPress itself.

Finally I always find it interesting to see where my readers are coming from. Top 3 remain the same but Germany and India are new additions to some of the bigger traffic.

I’ll continue doing what I’m doing and see what happens.

End of 2019 iPhone home screen

Been a lot going on so I’ve trimmed my home screen down as I get through the Christmas period. Only apps I’ve really been using lately are Notes (sync seems fixed now), DayOne (journaling) and Todoist (simplicity of keeping to do lists).

I’m planning on using Headspace and MoodNotes more in the new year but for now they sit there as a reminder.

How’s your home screen looking as we close out 2019?

Fitting a nato strap to a Citizen eco drive

I’ve not tried a NATO before so I picked up a Sniper Bay on Amazon for £14 and tried it on a Citizen.

I went for the ‘bond’ grey and blue colour. This one comes with the strap and the tools you need.

When you use a nato you have to keep the watch band pins in place to loop the strap through.

You can see the way I’ve looped it through above.

I think it looks good on this body and it’s definitely a comfortable band to wear.

100 days later with the iPhone 11 Pro

I noticed today that I’m 100 days in with my iPhone 11 Pro so thought it sounded like a good milestone to report back on how it’s been.

I’d picked up the midnight green with 256GB storage along with an Apple leather case on day one. I’m no longer using the leather case and went naked for a while until I settled on the Pitaka Air. I also had a screen protector fitted by Apple since launch, which amazingly is still on there and I forget about it.

The two main reasons I love this phone is the battery and camera, something I’ve highlighted in previous posts.

The camera excels both indoors and in low light outdoors. I find I never use the ultra wide but nice to have it when I need it, as long as I remember it’s there.

The battery gets me through two days most of the time, I work from home so don’t need to worry too much about long travel days. I’ll charge as and when I remember to.

I’m glad I went for the Pro over the 11 due to the 2x zoom, something I use on an almost daily basis.

Overall the update to the 11 Pro my favourite year on year upgrade that I’ve experienced in my years of iPhone ownership.

Bulova Lunar Pilot watch unboxing

I’ve become fascinated with watches again after taking a break from my Apple Watch. In particular anything to do with space travel at the moment. One of my grail watches is an Omega Speedmaster but this new Bulova Lunar Pilot has scratched that itch and I thought I’d share some pictures of the unboxing.

It comes in a great looking case containing an extra nato style strap with Apollo 15 mission date details, a strap removal tool and all of the relevant documentation.

I’ll post up a review soon but straight off I’m loving the look of this watch. For a sub £450 watch this is some of the best build quality I’ve seen at this price level.

On the back is a nice touch adding mission details of when the watch was used, more on this in the review.

How I’m using the iPad Mini 5

I have to admit that a few months ago my iPad mini 5 was put in a drawer but over the last few weeks I’ve picked it up again and loving using it everyday. I do have a 10.5 pro that I use the majority of the time but the battery life has gotten pretty bad on it so when the iPhone 11 Pro came out I pretty much switched to my iPhone for the majority of the time instead. Now I’m back on the mini I’m using it instead of my iPhone at home. I’m not writing up large posts but using it in portrait and two hand thumb tapping out posts like this is perfect for me. I also like having the bigger screen than my iPhone 11 that I can use to read comics or articles and even create the odd video. I’m planning on using it a lot more and integrating into my photography workflow again. He only downside I’m finding is that it’s a little cramped to sketch or take notes using the pencil. I prefer using my larger iPad for this.

Gumtree is full of scammers

If you’re planning on selling anything over the holidays I’d recommend against using Gumtree. I’m having a bit of a clear out and been spammed with scammers multiple times a day. Messages like the one above come within about 20 mins of anything posted so please be careful. Don’t give your email address out to anyone, stick within the Gumtree app. They’ll want it to send you money via PayPal then claim it’s damaged on delivery etc to force a refund.

Another telltale sign above, first trying to get a bite.

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to take a moment to wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas. I’m taking a break at the moment from writing but wanted to say thanks to everyone that has stuck with me this year reading and sharing my stuff.

Have a great Christmas.