Logitech keyboard and trackpad case for iPad Pro 10.5”

I’ve been looking at picking up a 2018 iPad Pro but after using iPadOS 13.4 for a few days I think I might keep my current one going. It’s still fast and the battery seems to have improved slightly.

Another reason is I’d completely missed this product from Logitech and it might do me just fine. Yes it’s not as elegant as Apple’s version but at more than half the cost I think I’m going to give it a go. There’s a few reasons at the moment I don’t want to make any big purchases right now and keeping my 10.5″ going with one of these is going to be my way forward for now.

No idea if it’ll be out in May but I’m going to keep an eye out and I’ll report back in.

Getting started with Apple Reminders

I’m going through some testing of to do apps (I know, not again!) and as I’m doing this I thought I’d share some thoughts on several of them, including Reminders.

When you pick up Reminders for the first time I’d recommend deleting any preloaded lists and starting with just one called INBOX. This will be where you brain dump everything. As you can see above I’ve also split out a couple of new projects as I thought of tasks, so a couple of creative projects. You can move more tasks later but my advice is when you pick up Reminders for the first time don’t worry too much about structure, just get everything off your mind and into the Inbox.

I’ve found the barrier to getting things done for me was worrying too much about creating a framework at the beginning instead of just keeping it simple.

Once you have everything in one place it’s really up to you if you want to organise them by categories such as home or work etc.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is the distraction I need right now

I’d never played an Animal Crossing game before until last week and I have to say with everything going on right now it’s been a great distraction. I’m going at my own pace and building slowly. Checking in a few times a day and completing a little routine of collecting and exploring. It’s been good to have something to look forward to going into each morning and whilst I’m not outside it does help me feel like I’m taking a break from something. If you have a switch and not picked it up yet then I’d highly recommend giving it a go.

iPad apps and links for homeschooling

Like a lot of the world I’m looking for good iPad apps and any links that I can use to help my daughter with her learning, I thought I’d make a list of ones that I’ve found to be good that cover both academic and creativity




Planning your calendar using Things 3

If you follow me you’ll know I struggle with Things 3, mainly because of it’s lack of accessibility options but the Calendar integration is superb.

I’ve installed it just to use the ‘upcoming’ view so I can clearly see what’s on my plate for the next week.

I can’t read it clearly and need to really focus given it doesn’t adhere to my system font size but it’s helpful on the iPad to get a general view of important events over the coming week.

I can’t manipulate anything on the calendar but like I’ve said gives me a clear view of the week ahead.

I’m really hoping Cultured Code are working on bringing accessibility to their app so that I can more easily see what’s on screen.

How to get the flimsy axe in Animal Crossing Mew Horizons

I’m slowly but surely becoming addicted to Animal Crossing, especially with everything going on it’s a nice distraction. If you want to get serious about crafting you’ll need the flimsy axe to start chopping at trees and rocks.

To get it you’ll need to be the main player (if you are playing with more than one person on the same console) and have the net or fishing rod.

You’ll want to catch butterflies and give Tom Nook in the green tent at least 2. If you go up to him and tell him you have found an animal. He’ll need to two to give you the recipe to be able to craft one.

DOOM Eternal initial impressions

Wow, it’s full on and anxiety inducing as usual. I’ve been a fan of DOOM all the way back to the original and the latest instalment is one of my favourites. Same chaotic action, ludicrous weapons and amazing music.

I’m only about 2 hours in and loving it, although can only play for 30 min stints right now.

If you’re into DOOM then this is a must buy. If you’re not then wait for the inevitable sale.

The 2020 iPad Pro or a refurbished one?

I know it’s seems like an odd time to be talking tech but I think it’s good to have a distraction, that’s something I’m doing so ploughing on with writing and some creative projects. Anyway that’s not why I’m writing this post.

The surprise iPad Pro announcement this week was interesting and with it’s new trackpad keyboard cover it’s got me thinking about my setup.

My 10.5″ iPad Pro is still great but the battery is on it’s last legs and you wouldn’t believe how much having a Bluetooth mouse plugged in drains the battery. I’ve gone three years and thinking it might be time.

The question is though should you get the new one or save some money with a refurbished model?

Looking at a refurbished 2018 model you’re saving about £150 and still getting

  • That cool new design
  • FaceID
  • Small bezels
  • Compatibility with the lighter Apple Pencil
  • Compatibility with the new keyboard and trackpad cover

What are lose is

  • Fastest processor
  • Ultra wide camera
  • New AR optimised camera
  • A brand new battery (unless you get an Apple refurb)

For me those aren’t important, the processor isn’t that much faster than the 2018 in what I’ve read and AR is still early.

My biggest question now is should I get a 12.9″ again?

I’d keep my 10.5″ so I’d have something more portable but with it’s new trackpad I’m thinking bigger might be the way to go.

But saying that I need to sell my 10.5″ and MacBook really to fund it.

I’ll wait a bit I think but looking forward to seeing that trackpad and keyboard combo.

Personally I’d look at picking up a used 2018 and using the money saved to get the keyboard and trackpad case from Apple.