Posting exclusively on Micro.Blog

As you might have seen on Twitter, I’m moving my social onto Micro.Blog as a test for a bit as I am feeling completely worn out by the attitude and way that free social platforms (and video sharing) sites work. Rewarding negativity and outrage isn’t a service I want to support so I’m slowly making moves to come off them.

I’m going to posting to my Micro.Blog exclusively now for a bit to see how I get on and if it sticks I might even move the blog over.

See you there.

Slack is slowly replacing Twitter for me

I’ve become more and more aware of the negative effects that social media and YouTube are having on my mental health lately and as you may have noticed I’m becoming less and less active on them. What has been good though is the introduction of Slack into my life. I’m in a few different slack rooms now, all of which contain most of the people I interact with on Twitter but with no manipulation by the companies that run them.

I’m finding that I’m much happier when I’m in Slack and in positive interactions than logging into Twitter and feeling bad after I’m done more than good. Don’t get me wrong, I do have good interactions on Twitter but they are outweighed by the way I feel after being on there.

I do have my own little slack room but I don’t want to add another place for people to check but if you’d be interested them let me know.

iPhone 11 Pro battery health after 10 months

Almost 10 months in and I was surprised to see I’d lost only 1% of battery health.

When I had the XS at the same point it was at least 5% lower than this. The only thing I’ve done different with this one is I’ve never used wireless charging, only cables. There also a battery optimised setting to change a bit more intelligently so wonder if this was the reason.

How’s yours faring?

How I manage my RSS subscriptions manually across devices using NetNewsWire

Since making the decision to engage less in social media I’ve become a big fan of RSS again and have my reader of choice NetNewsWire installed across all of my iOS devices.

I started curating my feed on my iPhone only. Once I was happy I then used the export option to save to my iCloud.

On my iPad I then use this export to sync my feed. When I add new feeds I export and reimport again. The only issue with this is that when you reimport you’ll need to remove all of your subscriptions first or you’ll have duplicates.

I know this isn’t perfect but is free and saves a sign up to an RSS management app.

Apps using your clipboard in iOS 14

Another day, another warning for apps that use your clipboard. I trust Apollo but wonder why they are taking my clipboard at all. I think there’s info here that needs to be shared by the development community as to why they are using our clipboard. For me it’s a lack of understanding so I’m not targeting any developers, just want to know why in general for any app that shows this message.

Anyone else on the beta finding they are suddenly aware of their data being shared between apps?

How to blog more

I thought I’d revisit this one after coming into taking another little social media break. I truly believe if you want to blog more then come off social media. I don’t mean delete your account, I mean delete the apps on your phone and replace them with your blogging platform app.

Anything you were going to share on social media would probably be best thinking about a bit more and turning into a blog post.

I also believe that coming out of the version of the world the social media companies want you to see isn’t a bad thing either.

I find that having less influence on what I’m told I want to see and influence from others helps me form my own opinion and come up with different takes on stories I want to write about.

Give it a go, 30 days with no social media but only blogging.

Why use a third party fitness app on the Apple Watch?

I’ve been using my Apple Watch very rarely outside of going for walks these days and one of the things I’m asking myself is – should I use a third party fitness app for my walks instead?

I find the built in workouts app to be just fine for my use and reading the privacy policy on apps like Strava where your data is sold I don’t see why anyone would use a third party.

Am I missing something here? Why do you use a third party app?

iOS 14: App Library

A week in testing iOS 14 and I’m loving the new App Library feature. My setup now involves one home screen and then the App Library, no more other pages of apps. This feature allows you to let iOS manage your app organisation and for me at least has encouraged me to install more apps.

When I swipe over I get all of my apps organised by category.

To do this I simply turned off all of my home screens in the edit home screen setting.

This has been working quite nicely for me and can’t see me going back to multiple home screens.

Now I just need Apple to bring it over to the iPad.