Using Ferrite to record guitar

Feeling inspired by playing my favourite guitar today I realised that I could record my ideas onto my iPhone using Ferrite over the voice memos app. It’s great to be able to record ideas quickly and organise them, something this app does better than anything I’ve tried. Nothing fancy just into my Boss Katana Mini […]

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Looking at various retailers does look like the iPad Mini 5 is going to be in stores tomorrow. Shame as some said 25th but I will keep an eye on the Apple Store today and let you know if I spot it. I’m still 80% certain I’ll end up with one and a Logitech Crayon.

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Disabling my Patreon account

I’ve been trying and failing to do my best to support the site via Patreon. With this in mind and the demoralising support page showing $0 every time I check it I’ve decided to disable my Patreon account completely and remove the option to support my writing. I’d rather it not there than remind me […]

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Do you use Apple News?

I’m genuinely interested, at the moment my use has switched a bit to Reddit but I’m tending to move back to Apple News just now. My main reason for asking is that this blog isn’t currently available and I’ll need to make an investment in my wordpress plan to enable it. So, my question is […]

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