Using an iPhone SE in 2019


Whilst waiting to get a new iPhone I sold my XS and went back to a 16GB SE.

I thought I would interesting to share my thoughts on using one in 2019.

First off the positives that I’ve found using it:

  • Size and weight, it’s been nice to forget I am carrying a phone in my pocket
  • No camera bump, sits flat on the table and doesn’t move around if I’m typing on the desk
  • Headphone jack, I haven’t been one of those people constantly reminding it’s readers that Apple removed the headphone jack but it has been nice to use my BOSE in ears whilst the phone was charging
  • Less distracting, smaller keyboard and screen had me using it less so I’ve been less engaged in social media but it has meant less posts to the blog
  • TouchID, I haven’t been quiet on my love for TouchID as you know if you’ve read my stuff for a while


  • Rounded buttons for volume up and down I’m finding are uncomfortable compared to the ones on the X series
  • Screen size and keyboard, as I mentioned above it has it’s pluses and minuses so less distracting but hard to type on
  • 16GB has been a pain, the one I have is the base model and I’m constantly running into space issues, to the point that iCloud Photo Library no longer sync’s back to the SE

So a few days left and I’ll be glad to get back to a larger phone but have to admit that I’ll miss the smaller form factor of the SE.

Which colour iPhone 11 Pro should you order?

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With a new iPhone comes the impending anxiety about which colour to order. This year we get a new midnight green that in images for me looks to be one I’ll be ordering.

I think with the new three camera lens setup looking a little weird this year it’s best to go space grey or green to hide as much as possible.

I’d usually suggest silver but the lenses really stand out and for me and looks pretty ugly.

The only downside I see of the green or space grey is the coating on the sides. If you drop a coated coloured one it’ll rub off and expose the silver stainless steel underneath.

With my silver XS I loved the way the stainless steel wore over time but I’m not sure I can take the brighter white we have this year. I know I don’t see the back often but I’m still not a huge fan of the look of the lenses.

My advice this year is that if you aren’t bothered about the look of the lenses go silver or gold. If you are bothered then go space grey or green.

I enjoyed the iPhone 11 keynote


I’ve seen the usual boring comments on the iPhone 11 keynote this week but for me it was one of better ones I’d seen in a while. I thought Apple did a good job at lowering prices on their superseded products like the XR, introduced some good customer focused experiences like watch customisations and did a good job of explaining the new camera tech.

I was very impressed with the iPhone 11 camera specs, always on watch face and the new iPhone 11 Pro.

The only bits where I wandered off to do other things was during the game demos.

I was also surprised at how much I enjoyed the videos and See trailer.

I’ll have more thoughts in the next few days but overall I enjoyed it.

iPhone 11 Upgrade Programme Pricing


I’ve been looking at moving onto the upgrade programme this year and looking at the costs of the new Pro it’s about the same as the old XS was.

Remember this comes with Apple Care + included so you’re looking at around a £600 saving each year if you like to upgrade each time.

Some last minute thoughts on the Apple iPhone 11 keynote


It’s the day of the iPhone 11 keynote and I thought it would be a good point to jump back in with blogging a little more regularly. I’m looking at what is rumoured against what devices I currently use on a daily basis.


For the last 11 months I’ve been using the iPhone XS and I have to say that whilst the camera is a step up on the iPhone X I kind of regret moving to it. I managed to get over £600 for my iPhone X so moving for me (I like having the best camera I can get) was a no brainer but on reflection it wasn’t worth the upgrade cost. When looking at the rumours of a three lens “iPhone Pro” it’s peaked my interest again given how much I love having a great camera on the go without needing to take my DSLR, this is worth the added cost for me personally. Based on the rumours I can’t say that I’m enthusiastic about a super wide angle lens at the moment so will need to be sold on the benefits but if it improves the quality of low light indoor images then I’ll most probably be sold on it. I’d also like to see another option for zoom, I use 2x all the time but would love 4x or 8x.

I’m also very curious about the “iPhone 11”, which replaces the colourful iPhone XR. Personally I love a coloured phone so have always looked over to the XR slightly jealously. If the iPhone 11 gets the two lens setup of the XR I might be sold on getting a (yellow) iPhone 11. I’ve seen the PWM flicker of OLED on the XS when off angle and I’ve often wondered if it’s making my eyes more tired, so moving to an LCD will remove this concern completely. I’ll need to wait and see if the OLED on the 11 Pro has been changed to manage those people that are sensitive to this flicker and decide what to do. Also in dark mode the text tends to smear if you’re reading white text on a black background so I’ll be in stores comparing them both.

So iPhone looks to be 11 and 11 Pro in two sizes with the most noticeable difference being an added third lens on the Pro and a second on the 11R (or 11).

I’ll most probably save myself some money this year and move onto the upgrade program this year given I tend to get one with Apple Care + almost every year.

My guesses for release are pre-order on 13th September and release on 20th September.

Apple Watch

Not much rumoured this year but based on the Series 4 I don’t think we need an upgrade. There are rumours of different finishes (I’d love a white ceramic but can’t justify the cost) but nothing else. For me personally I’m on a little journey without the Apple Watch for a bit (I’ll write about this soon) and even if I continue to wear mine, my stainless steel series 4 is great.

New watch bands are always welcome and I’d love to see more designs, even bringing back the older nylon band and leather bands with buckles.


I’m typing this on my trusty 10.5″, along with the Smart Keyboard and pencil is my favourite Apple device over the last 5 years. I’ve played with the new design but with the added cost of accessories I’m priced out but to be honest this 10.5″ still flies in the tasks that I ask of it. The screen size is perfect for me and it’s still really portable. I just clip my pencil (with added pen clip) onto the keyboard cover folded down and off I go. I would be surprised if we see a new iPad at the iPhone event, these are held in October normally.


I use and love Apple Music and pay for extra iCloud storage (grrrrr, please up the 5GB limit when you spend over £1k on an iPhone!) but I can’t say that I’m enthusiastic about either the TV+ or Arcade offerings. I have multiple consoles that I play daily and very rarely play games on my iOS devices. I just don’t see the draw of spending at least another £5 a month just to play exclusive games on iOS. I pay a monthly subscription to both Nintendo and PlayStation and get online and access to a games catalogue, this does me fine. On the TV+ service I’m not sold on the TV shows coming, well the space race one looks interesting but I just don’t see how they can compete with Disney+ or Netflix without either offering it free with something else or adding a back catalogue or X number of free iTunes rentals each month.

IOS 13

We’ll get the shipping date for iOS 13 today, my guess is that it’ll come out on the 19th September, one day before the release of the new phones. I’m not expecting an explanation why we have iOS 13.1 but to be honest I don’t really care, it’s just an interesting data point that we haven’t had this before. In my testing of iOS 13 I haven’t been impressed with the stability or bug fixes that I’ve seen around iCloud data so I’ll be holding off putting iOS 13 on straight away but not sure I’ll have a choice if I’m getting a new device. I’m hoping with a public release my deleted iCloud data that I experienced in the beta will jump back into life, I honestly can’t see this happening but I’m trying to be more positive.

One more thing

There are rumours of more products but the one that looks the most likely is the tracking device. This would most likely be a little (hopefully) tag that you can attach to your stuff that isn’t an existing Apple product so that you can track if lost. This to me isn’t worthy of the “one more thing” but with current Apple I could see this happening. I’d love to get some of these but would depend on price and how it can be maintained I.e. change batteries etc…

I always get excited for both the iPhone and WWDC keynotes and I’m looking forward to this one. I know a lot of the internet will report it as a snooze fest but for me I think it’ll be about the camera and that’s something I look forward to every year.

Why I love my Casio F-91W

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I’m not on the hate train for the Apple Watch but I reached a point where (for me) it was causing me too much anxiety. I’m not ready to go into this in detail just yet but it became a situation where I was serving it rather than the other way around and I haven’t been in a place where I could manage having it on my wrist on a daily basis.

I reverted back to my favourite watch brand – CASIO.

Growing up in the 80’s I’ve got an affinity for this brand, having calculator watches when I was in primary school and it’s just a massive iconic nostalgic brand for me.

The F-91W has been around for over 20 years and it’s been on and off my wrist since then. I lost the one I used in university but picked one up again a few years ago.

I’m loving wearing it again for a few reasons.

  • It’s light and comfortable, with a plastic resin strap it’s more comfortable than the Apple Watch bands I’ve found
  • I can see the time whenever I want, I missed the always on display
  • I’m disconnected completely

What I’m missing from my Apple Watch

  • Having the screen light up. The light is terrible on the F-91W and when I’m awake at night I can only see the time portion
  • Seeing my next appointment, I’m back to relying on my iPhone for this. It’s the one main thing I’m missing
  • Activity, I’m finding activity rings hard to give up. I’m trying to get back into exercise but as long as I get out and walk that’s the main thing. I may go back to using if just for workouts, this is a work in progress

I’ll let you know how I get on in the coming weeks.

Have you switched from the Apple Watch?