Leaving Twitter?

I use Tweetbot and lots of filters but I’m still being shown hate or political posts I don’t want to see. I also feel compelled to read threads, something that’s very bad for all of us.

You may be able to take social media comments with a pinch of salt but for me right now I can’t.

So I’m taking a break from Twitter, this is the first step to maybe moving off the platform permanently.

I’m still going to be sharing my thoughts but I’ll be much more focussed on doing it via blog posts like these.

For those people that know me, I’ll still be on the various slack channels and iMessage threads.

I’ll also be adding a contact page to my blog in case anyone wants to reach out for anything.

Let’s see how long I last.

Put your social media apps into a folder

I’ve been wanting to reduce the time I spend on social media for a while but might have actually cracked it (for me).

It was quite simple in the end, I put them all into a folder hidden away. It’s on my home screen but I should probably move it to another page, even moving it away from one tap and not seeing it on my main page has helped me.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

iOS Only, I’m free of Anchor

It’s taken a good few weeks but I’m finally free of the iOS Only Anchor feed. If you search in iTunes or Overcast I’m seeing only my Libsyn feed so all’s good.

I’m currently on a little hiatus whilst this was being planned out but planning my next 5 or so episodes out so I’ll be back up and running by the end of the month.

How to delete your 500px account

After the recent data breaches I’m slowing trawling through and deleting accounts I no longer use. First up 500px.

On first logging in I needed to reset my password due to said data breach.

Once you’re in then click on your profile picture and go to account settings. If you scroll down you’ll see ‘deactivate account’. Click this and you’re done, amazingly it doesn’t even want you to enter your password again.


They aren’t deleting my account after all, I’m chasing this up.


You have to submit a support ticket!