Notability setup

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My problems with iOS 13 iCloud sync is well known now if you’re reading my blog but I haven’t really shared what I’m doing about it. I’ve used a few different third party Notes apps in my time with an iPhone but the one I’ve landed on is Notability.

I’m using it for everything.

This is a work in progress but at the moment I’m using dividers and subjects to spit out my content. You can see my dividers above.

You can then see above how I split the divider up into subjects based on context. So for example I have a watches subject that contains all of my notes about watches like a wish list and interesting articles I’ve saved.

For now I’m using the app to store everything I would in Notes such as important documents I need to reference, handwritten notes using Pencil and just those day to day ones I like to make.

I’ve got it using iCloud sync and it’s working flawlessly.

What third party notes app do you use?

Do you like iOS 13 dark mode?

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Dark mode is something that I’ve wanted for years but in day to day use I’ve found that it’s a little too oppressive to have on all of the time, especially on my iPad.

What I’ve settled on is a scheduled dark mode.

This is the setting that I have across all of my iOS devices and it seems to be working well for me. With the OLED on the iPhone 11 it’s tempting to leave it on all of the time but I just don’t like to have it on all day.

What’s your view on dark mode in iOS 13?

Why I stopped using Dark Sky

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I used to love this app but over the last year I’ve stopped using it.

Here’s my main reason why. I don’t live in New York… when I load the app it gets my location but since iOS 12 the widget has been broken for me. This is my main use of the app and I can no longer trust it.

I’ve no idea why the widget is broken, I’ve seen this across multiple devices so isn’t my iOS being broken.

Anyone else?

Why Apple News+ didn’t make it past the free trial

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Apple News+ launched here in the UK this month and I didn’t keep it past the free trial, here’s why.

Supporting magazines is something I did 10 years ago by having annual subscriptions to several UK based ones. Since moving to reading on smaller blogs and finding new voices that I trusted I stopped reading them. It wasn’t so much the money saved but the fact I get up to date information and more details about the various niches I’m into.

Using Apple News+ was a nice change going back to the magazine format but two things were a problem. The first was reading a magazine wasn’t the best experience. I’m not sure if this is Apple or the publisher but I found navigating to be cumbersome. I also missed interactive experiences. For a guitar magazine they often have tablature you can follow along with but none of this has been enabled in this electronic format so they are useless.

Secondly I felt like I was being marketed at constantly, I have no interest in lifestyle or gossip magazines but I found it annoying to see these being peddled to me every time I went in to read my guitar magazines. This also cluttered up my Apple News app showing me articles from the magazines in my news feed!

So between seeing content I have no interest in and a format that publishers don’t appear to be embracing I’ll keep my £9.99 a month.

iOS 13 Reminders setup

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If you follow me you’ll know I’ve had issues with the backend sync of the new Reminders app in iOS 13 since July. This led me back to third party solutions but in the last couple of days I’ve managed to fix the issue and I’m back using it. I thought I’d share my initial setup.

I’m keeping it pretty basic for now. A list for each area of focus in my life. There’s more to come here but I’m starting off slowly.

I’m using the ‘Today’ view to see what I have due. This is a mix of reminders with simply a due date and ones with the complete time also set. I’ve been wanting a free running today list for years and I have it now.

I go into Today and then either update the list of what I want done or adding new ones freely, something that I do most often.