Why I stopped using Things 3

Things 3 is a great looking app that had lots of potential for me but after trying multiple times I’ve stopped trying to fit it in with my workflow.

The bad

  • I experienced missing notifications. I’d set a reminder and it wouldn’t show so I’d forget to do my task, my number one show stopper
  • It annoyed me that the task name would be cut off with ‘…’ if it was too long
  • Setting repeating and reminders is too many taps
  • No dark mode
  • Slow to load the app (for me on an XS)

The good

  • One of the best watch apps available. Quick sync and looks great.
  • Integrated Calendar view
  • Relaxed formatting on project view

When dark mode comes along with iOS 13 I’ll take another look but for now my quest continues. I’m going into Omnifocus next and I’ll report back.

Do you use Things?

My Todoist setup

I’m getting back on plan, left things slide a bit and tried to use iCloud to get things done. I’ve failed miserably and need to get back to using a third party app to keep me on task.

I’ve always come back to Todoist or Omnifocus but Todoist gets my vote just now. I like that I can create a free form ‘today’ but also add reminders where needed such as get Milk at 2pm when I’m at the supermarket or call dentist etc.

I’m only just getting started but here’s my setup.

I’m using labels to classify tasks as you can see above and only using projects where they are needed such as my passion ones. In the past I’d have created a project called Home and put all my family tasks in the there but labels makes more sense to me these days.

I’m also enjoying the new dark mode 😎.

The only downside of using Todoist coming from something like Reminders is that their Apple Watch app just isn’t very good. Sync to the app seems slow and there is no support for Series 4 complications in the info watch faces. I’m hoping these are being worked on.

Here goes, wish me luck.

GoodTask gets iOS 12 and Siri Shortcuts update

There’ll be lots of app updates today as part of the big iOS 12 launch. Up next for me is an app that I am starting to play with, GoodTask. Anything that uses iCloud for calendar and reminders is on top of my list at the moment. I’ll update on how I get on but for now here’s what’s changed in version 4.1.

OmniFocus 3 now available

It’s a big day for the Omnigroup, today sees the launch of OmniFocus 3. I’ve been a user of OmniFocus for a while, well on and off. I switch a lot but always seem to come back eventually. I like their privacy and encryption stance and trust them above any other productivity app to look after my data.

I’m starting to test and will let you know how I get on.


How to add lined paper to Notes

I’ve been using a lot of default Apple apps in a bid to simplify both my workflows and data. In this day and age it’s good to have your data in just a few places and I’m starting to delete third party apps that hold my data (more on this in a later post).

Here’s how I add lined paper to the Notes app on iOS.

  1. Open up Notes
  2. Create a new note
  3. Tap on the Share icon (see first image above)
  4. Tap ‘Lines & Grids’
  5. Choose the grid pattern that you want