How to blog more

I thought I’d revisit this one after coming into taking another little social media break. I truly believe if you want to blog more then come off social media. I don’t mean delete your account, I mean delete the apps on your phone and replace them with your blogging platform app.

Anything you were going to share on social media would probably be best thinking about a bit more and turning into a blog post.

I also believe that coming out of the version of the world the social media companies want you to see isn’t a bad thing either.

I find that having less influence on what I’m told I want to see and influence from others helps me form my own opinion and come up with different takes on stories I want to write about.

Give it a go, 30 days with no social media but only blogging.

Using iA Writer again

I’ve been away for a while but I’m trying to get back in the habit of using iA Writer for my blogging. The WordPress app (for me) has gotten to the point that it’s slowing me down and forcing me to use their block editor.

My only concern is how I easily publish to WordPress via iA, something this post will test for me. If this looks ok then it’s working.

Figuring out what to write about

I’ve always seen my blog as somewhere I can share my passions, not one thing but across multiple interests. What I’m finding is I got little to no feedback or views on non tech content. I’m not saying this is a bad thing as it’s given me somewhere to get stuff off my chest as I don’t have an avenue to do this in my day to day. Working at home is pretty isolating so being able to share here is great but getting no feedback is starting to become a bit demoralising to be honest.

I’m not going to stop talking about things I’m passionate about but might need to take a step back and figure out the sort of content I can bring value to.

At the moment I have no idea if I’m bringing value to anything.

It’s ok not to post daily

I’ve put pressure on myself in the past to post something everyday but if you’re not reliant on income from your blog then it’s perfectly fine to post as and when you have something to say. For me I’m on a break from social media at the moment so this is my only outlet. I’ve found I’m posting daily or more because I’m not using social media.

My posts tend to be more thoughts than epic reviews etc… I like having an outlet that’s mine to post whenever I want.

Don’t get me wrong my blog doesn’t cause me any stress at all (now I’ve given up thinking about making any income from it) but I still felt like I had to post daily.

I guess this ramble is just to say if you own your own blog don’t put any pressure on yourself, post when you have something to say and enjoy it.

(Also experiment with dropping social media for a week and put your thoughts on your blog instead).

How I’m scheduling blog posts

One of the best things that has happened since switching to WordPress is the iOS app. I’ve found that I’m writing more and I like the editor so much it’s replaced my need for a writing app. As much as I love using iA Writer I always ended up just copying and pasting into the WordPress app anyway.

So what I do now is whenever I get an idea for a blog post or want to share some quick thoughts I use the WordPress app and write a new post.

Quick tip: I found that sharing less on Twitter helped me have more to write about.

Once I’m done with my post I’ll schedule it in for sometime that day or in the future so I try to do a post every day.

This way I try to have a little queue of posts, maybe just a few days worth but it keeps me creating everyday, something I’m trying to form a habit around.

No social media November

I’ve gotten drawn back into the habit of having Tweetbot on my home screen and checking my social feed as a habit. I need to work on this and turn it into time for creating or just zoning out.

For the month of November I’m going to be off social media, for me that’s Twitter. I don’t have accounts on the other platforms and aside from slack I’m going to be removing this checking in multiple times a day out of my day.

Following Jeff Perry I’m also going to be making a more conscious choice to post to my blog daily.

I’m done with trying to help me pay for hosting the blog via Wordads. Tested them again over the last few days and so many negative or sketchy ads on my site. Back to no ads and a good feeling.

How I’m getting feedback on my writing

If you’re following me on social you’ll know I’m trying to pull back but I’ve discovered that it’s how I get the majority of feedback on my writing these days. I’m lucky that I do still get comments on my blog but do suffer with spam comments I need to manage. The amount of spam and more specifically comments on the blog has wound down to almost nothing now. What I’m finding is the blog shares posts out to my twitter account and I’m getting feedback there instead.

Twitter is the one social network I’m engaged in and is important for the growth of my writing and building my readership.

Writing less

On checking my stats, something I don’t do massively it struck me how little I was writing these days. I’ve purposely taken a bit of a step back but going to be picking back up in the next few weeks. My blog is an outlet that I don’t get to share in my ‘real life’ and I’ve come to realise I need it to get stuff out of my head.