I’m done with trying to help me pay for hosting the blog via Wordads. Tested them again over the last few days and so many negative or sketchy ads on my site. Back to no ads and a good feeling.

How I’m getting feedback on my writing

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If you’re following me on social you’ll know I’m trying to pull back but I’ve discovered that it’s how I get the majority of feedback on my writing these days. I’m lucky that I do still get comments on my blog but do suffer with spam comments I need to manage. The amount of spam and more specifically comments on the blog has wound down to almost nothing now. What I’m finding is the blog shares posts out to my twitter account and I’m getting feedback there instead.

Twitter is the one social network I’m engaged in and is important for the growth of my writing and building my readership.

Writing less

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On checking my stats, something I don’t do massively it struck me how little I was writing these days. I’ve purposely taken a bit of a step back but going to be picking back up in the next few weeks. My blog is an outlet that I don’t get to share in my ‘real life’ and I’ve come to realise I need it to get stuff out of my head.

Being consistent

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Is something I’m struggling with on the blog at the moment. It’s far too hot to do any proper writing today but I’m going to sit down and do a bit of a brain dump on topics that I can write about and therefore be more consistent.

Anything in particular you’d like me to write about?


Taken a bit of a backseat to following the tech news so closely over the last few weeks and it’s been a nice change. I’m feeling calmer not checking Twitter every ten minutes and not been down rabbit holes thinking too much about particular non important technology stories.


Back to making smaller posts from Micro.Blog and longer posts on the blog itself. Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment so stepping back from engaging in social media via Twitter for a bit.

Rethinking things


I did well before WWDC, I stayed off Twitter for a good few weeks and felt the better for it. With WWDC last week I got sucked back in but as before it’s not been great for my mental health. I enjoyed seeing people’s take on the events but since then I’ve

  • Gotten caught up in threads with people being awful to each other
  • Feel like I’m achieving nothing when I see what others are doing (this is my problem not theirs)
  • Find myself checking the feed rather than spending some quiet time or writing something here

So, I’m back off the service and not sure if I’ll be back to be honest. I’m also reviewing this blog, whether to keep it going or not. This is partly because again seeing how little I’m achieving compared to others for the outlay that it had on me, both financially and physically. I’m planning on a little break whilst I figure this out.

If you want to reach out please use the contact page on the site.

Cheers, Lee.