When I say use my devices less I really mean my iPhone. I want to be more present and allow myself to be bored. I still have the apps on my iPad because when I use it I’m in a different state.

As an experiment I’ve taken all of the optional apps off my iPhone in a bid to use my devices less. When I picked up my iPhone to check Twitter and remembered I have no social apps on there I meditated instead 🤗

After looking at different journal options decided to stick in with DayOne, it’s a nice app and shouldn’t force myself to stop using it. I’ve signed up to premium as a trial to see what adding multiple journals does for me.

My blog isn’t currently available in Apple News and requires a financial investment from me to make it happen. At the moment I can’t make this happen with my current financial situation but still debating if anyone wants access within News?

Lots of great Star Wars content over the last few days at Celebration. Been good following along with the live streams. Highlights for me EP IX trailer and design of Star Wars talk.