Finding my niche


It’s been a good few months for getting feedback on my writing, this seems to only have happened in 2019. Prior to this I tried to follow other sites I liked but over the last 10 months or so I have subconsciously changed my writing style.

The feedback I’ve gotten is that my posts are short and mostly to the point. I’ve found that with so much going on today having short posts must be helping people discover and thankfully read my stuff

So I’ll keep this post short 😀 and say thanks to everyone that has pointed this out to me and helped me keep on writing.


Moving back to posting short form using Makes sharing quick thoughts so much easier.

Closing my Amazon Affiliate account and a knock back


I’m trying not to get down about this email.

I didn’t start the affiliate account thinking I’d be able to fund all my review units but based on this I shouldn’t have bothered. It’s a bit demoralising to be honest but I’ll try to hang in there but it’s it’s getting harder and harder.

As an independent creator I’m funding everything myself here but I can’t afford to get review units in, this means I’ll either stop reviewing stuff or carry on reaching out to PR companies that only seem to be interested in YouTubers these days.

Man, blogging is hard.

(Sorry, wish this post was a bit more positive)

Stop messing with your site theme


This is a message to future Lee and maybe others who are like me. I’ve gotten into the habit again of tweaking my site theme! This is more out of not knowing what to write about than a need but I’ve fallen into the trap of tweaking the look and feel of the site again.

I’m settled now on this one, it’s clean and readable. It also plays nice with images, something not all themes do well. It’s called illustrar by the way if you’re interested but I wouldn’t recommend you go down the rabbit hole of changing your site theme.

I’ll be back on the creation bandwagon soon.

Following your own advice

blogging, life stuff

Since restoring my iPhone a few weeks ago I’ve fallen back into the trap of the modern smartphone. What I mean by this is having all of the apps I can available to me to use and getting caught up in these Infinity wells, such as YouTube and Social networking. Neither of which are particularly great for my wellbeing these days.

It hit me this morning whilst browsing Reddit, why am I mindlessly doing this?.

I want to be more intentional with how I’m using my technology and allow myself to be bored. Enjoy a walk without a podcast in my ears sometimes or just enjoy the warm sunshine on my face in the garden with no desire to see what’s happening on Twitter.

It also hit me that I’ve written about this before on the blog, many times actually. I’ve written about helping to reduce the time you spend on your phone and also steps I’ve made, such as only checking Twitter once a week but I’ve forgotten to listen to former me!

This post is a reminder that when I fall into bad habits to step back and think about how I want to use my technology and interact with the world around me.

So this week I’ll be back to

  • Removing all social networking apps from my iphone
  • Checking Twitter weekly for notifications
  • Sharing smaller posts more, I’ve noticed good feedback from readers of my stuff lately. This in part because my default is to share here rather than on social media
  • Reducing my podcast consumption (I’m listening to over 20 shows a week!)
  • Leaving YouTube (again)
  • Deleting Reddit apps (again)
  • Doing my best to stick with one to do app and keeping it simple

And remembering to read some of my earlier stuff