Too many inputs

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I’ve been in and out of the beta of iOS 13, installing social apps and listening to loads of podcasts and I’ve realised it’s gotten on top of me again. I’m ok testing the beta (I can’t write about it yet) but I’ve gotten sucked into spending too much time looking at others content and thoughts rather than creating my own.

I’ve got too much input and need to slow down again. My mind is very busy and having too much in my head is an issue for me, I’m going to have to pair it all back again and get creating.

I’ve got a few projects I’d like to get my teeth into and give me a creative outlet that I desperately need right now.

This is where my heads at right now and this post should serve as a reminder to me to slow down and focus on what I want to create rather than focus on others content and success.

How I’m getting feedback on my writing

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If you’re following me on social you’ll know I’m trying to pull back but I’ve discovered that it’s how I get the majority of feedback on my writing these days. I’m lucky that I do still get comments on my blog but do suffer with spam comments I need to manage. The amount of spam and more specifically comments on the blog has wound down to almost nothing now. What I’m finding is the blog shares posts out to my twitter account and I’m getting feedback there instead.

Twitter is the one social network I’m engaged in and is important for the growth of my writing and building my readership.

Growing your blog (by staying off Twitter)


I’ve been slowly but surely growing my content and readership over the last few years but noticed a trend in myself that has had a negative effect on it – social media, more specifically my use of it.

Here’s just a sample of my blog stats over the last few weeks since I put social apps back on my phone. I wanted to highlight the following.

  • Red: marks where I disengaged with social media for the day and posted my thoughts on my own site that I own rather than giving it to Twitter
  • Blue: marks where I was engaging on social

It’s not rocket science I know but from my own habits I need to use (delete) social and share my thoughts on my own platform.

If you want to start growing your blog and be more focussed on it’s content try deleting Twitter off your devices and share your thoughts on your blog instead. I use the WordPress app and can quickly share my thoughts like I would have on Twitter.

Writing less

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On checking my stats, something I don’t do massively it struck me how little I was writing these days. I’ve purposely taken a bit of a step back but going to be picking back up in the next few weeks. My blog is an outlet that I don’t get to share in my ‘real life’ and I’ve come to realise I need it to get stuff out of my head.

Being consistent

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Is something I’m struggling with on the blog at the moment. It’s far too hot to do any proper writing today but I’m going to sit down and do a bit of a brain dump on topics that I can write about and therefore be more consistent.

Anything in particular you’d like me to write about?

Finding my niche


It’s been a good few months for getting feedback on my writing, this seems to only have happened in 2019. Prior to this I tried to follow other sites I liked but over the last 10 months or so I have subconsciously changed my writing style.

The feedback I’ve gotten is that my posts are short and mostly to the point. I’ve found that with so much going on today having short posts must be helping people discover and thankfully read my stuff

So I’ll keep this post short 😀 and say thanks to everyone that has pointed this out to me and helped me keep on writing.