So now I’m going to add some focus to the podcast, what frequency would you like to see? I’m thinking weekly but maybe more depending on news breaks etc. Also thinking of adding a guest spot that I’ll do every month. Thoughts?

Trying out a bolded text approach to iOS. I’ve been bumping up the font but thought I’d give bold a go instead.

Thinking about a theme of rather than resolutions for this year. It’s an interesting take on resolutions to remind yourself of a North Star or guiding principle to follow.

Here’s my first (of many hopefully) from in 2019. I’m wanting to concentrate more on writing content than consuming so figure spending less time on Twitter is a good place to start.

iPad Pro packed up and sent back to Apple for replacement. If you can’t get a genius appointment definitely recommend using mail in service.

My iPad needs to go in for repair so I’ll be clearing it down today. I’ll be iPad less for a week or so I’d imagine. It’ll be interesting moving back to a MAC for a bit.