Holding off on the iPad Mini 5 for now. As much as I’d love one I can’t justify the almost £600 for something I won’t use all the time. They looks pretty sweet though.

Apple Notes does more than I remember. Sharing to the blog via the share sheet means I can now use it for my writing workflow. Not just need to figure out my journal one. Doing a note per year seems the way to go I think.

Looking at an iPad Mini today and I’m again wishing Apple started us at 128GB instead of 64GB. Don’t think I can justify an extra £200 for 256GB. Got my 10.5” at 256GB so if I stream most stuff I think I’ll be ok on 64GB.

Looking at various retailers does look like the iPad Mini 5 is going to be in stores tomorrow. Shame as some said 25th but I will keep an eye on the Apple Store today and let you know if I spot it. I’m still 80% certain I’ll end up with one and a Logitech Crayon.