Sending your PlayStation into Amazon Protect

Bye buddy, right on Red Dead 2 day I’m sending my PS4 Pro to Amazon. When I bought it back in 2016 I picked up their Amazon Protect product. It would appear that the WiFi in my PS4 is having connection problems so I called it in.

The process is simple so far. Call the support number, explain the issue and DPD come with a box that you put the console, controllers and cables into.

Make sure you re-initialise it though before you send it to protect your privacy. As I pay for PSN it’s all saved in the cloud along with my games.

Getting lost in No Man’s Sky base building

I’ve gotten back into No Man’s Sky since the 1.5 update and all I’ve found myself doing is base building. I’ve found myself completely immersed in it in this game. I’ve spent hours finding a cool planet to setup shop on. I’ve created a few bases to get used to the mechanics of it and here is my latest. This planet is a little desolate for my liking so I’m moving on but thought I’d share it.

Epic games Fortnite email spam

If you get one of these, do not click on the link. I’ve started to receive spam pretending to be from Epic. Most likely due to the popularity of Fortnite, spammers have found a new way to try to get your details.

Be safe out there.