Does the Yamaha THR5 work with the iPad?

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I picked up a Yamaha THR5 as a desktop amp that I could also use to record with. I’ve recorded on both an iPad and Mac in the past so wanted it to work on either of these. The bad news for my iPad is that it doesn’t recognise the signal coming into it.

I tried USB from the amp into the camera connection kit then into the iPad. GarageBand and Bias don’t show a signal at all. Yamaha could patch this one but not sure what the demand is. I can’t try usb-c as I have an older 10.5 with a lightning connector.

So I can record with my MacBook so not the end of the world as I’m quite used to Logic Pro, which is a superior app to GarageBand anyways.

Only option for getting an iPad input is to use the headphone out or a microphone plugged into the iPad.

Eric Johnson thinline Fender Stratocaster


As I’m sharing more and more of my passions I’m finding that my older followers are remembering I started off sharing my guitar stuff. As a result of that I’ll be posting a bit more of it rather than just technology. I wanted to share a few images of the new guitar I’ve picked up to help inspire my to get back into playing and recording.

Here’s the official Fender site.

I took a few pics with both my iPhone and DSLR I wanted to share with you.

The design seems to be a love or hate thing in the community but I love it. Always wanted a semi hollow and being in one of my favourite guitars made this immediately appealing for me.

The body and neck are nitrocellulose finished so it’ll be shiny and a bit sticky until it wears in.

Eric Johnson has some of the best clean tones out there and the signature model doesn’t disappoint. Between the semi hollow and pickups this is the best sounding clean guitar I’ve played.

The case is great, vintage looking and comfortable to carry.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this guitar ages over time.

Next up is restringing with my favourite gauge and getting recording.

My simple guitar setup

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Taking a break away from guitar has helped me simplify things a lot. A few years ago I had multi-effects units everywhere, these days it’s simple. I don’t actually have any effects units left. I’ve just got a guitar, amp and chorus and I’m loving it. My chorus pedal of choice is the Digitech CM which has lasted years and took a beating. This includes being left outside in the snow for 3 days, it keeps on going.

Using Ferrite to record guitar

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Feeling inspired by playing my favourite guitar today I realised that I could record my ideas onto my iPhone using Ferrite over the voice memos app. It’s great to be able to record ideas quickly and organise them, something this app does better than anything I’ve tried.

Nothing fancy just into my Boss Katana Mini then into the on board MIC on my iPhone.

Don’t think of Ferrite just for podcasting give it a go if you play an instrument.

Rediscovering an old friend


I’ve had this guitar since 1997 and it’s got its fair share of dings and scratches. It’s been sat in my garage for years and I finally took it into a local store to get setup. I had all of the switches and pots replaced and frets cleaned up. As soon as I picked it up the neck felt like home, I’ve got two other guitars but they are in their cases whilst I get back playing my old familiar.