How to stop Siri listening on the HomePod

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Each time my HomePod says “huh, what did you say?” when I haven’t said the magic word I keep meaning to write this post so I’m finally doing it. You can disable “hey Siri” on the iPad and touch the top instead, here’s how you do it.

Fire up the Home app and tap on your HomePod.

Once you have tapped on it, tap on settings.

Make sure you copy settings above.

How to delete apps in iOS 13

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Looks like 3D Touch is going away and deleting apps on your iPhone just got a little longer.

There are two ways to do this in iOS 13.

The first way is to tap and hold until you see the menu as follows

You can then tap ‘rearrange apps’ and then you’ll see them jiggling around as normal.

You can then tap the ‘X’ as you would in iOS 12.

The second way is to keep holding your finger down when the menu for rearranging apps has popped up. Apps will start to jiggle and you can delete as normal.

Gang Beasts controls

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I came across Gang Beasts a couple of years ago but didn’t pick it up until very recently but it’s one of the best games I’ve played online for a while.

Here’s the official site for more info on the game itself.

It’s not obvious what the controls are so here are the ones I use most.

  • L1: left punch or hold to grab
  • R1: right punch or hold to grab
  • Hold both L1 and R2 then triangle to pick up
  • Hold X to run
  • Circle to head but

That’s pretty much all you need control wise.

How to turn off notifications on the Apple Watch

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I’m going through a phase of disconnecting from my notifications, especially on my Apple Watch. I’m finding it nice to go back to a time where I didn’t constantly have taps on my wrist. All I have now is phone calls coming through and I’m using it as a watch and fitness tracker.

You’ll want to head into the watch app then look ‘notifications’ and then for each you want to turn off follow the screen shot above.