Heads up

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It’s not until I stopped using all social media on my iPhone and tried to triage with my Apple Watch that I realised how many people around me have their heads down in a phone. Even at things like swimming lessons with my family I am realising how short some of our attention span have gotten.

Too many inputs

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I’ve been in and out of the beta of iOS 13, installing social apps and listening to loads of podcasts and I’ve realised it’s gotten on top of me again. I’m ok testing the beta (I can’t write about it yet) but I’ve gotten sucked into spending too much time looking at others content and thoughts rather than creating my own.

I’ve got too much input and need to slow down again. My mind is very busy and having too much in my head is an issue for me, I’m going to have to pair it all back again and get creating.

I’ve got a few projects I’d like to get my teeth into and give me a creative outlet that I desperately need right now.

This is where my heads at right now and this post should serve as a reminder to me to slow down and focus on what I want to create rather than focus on others content and success.

Dropping Reddit for my mental health

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Over the last year I’ve gotten sucked into Reddit but lately it’s given me the same negative vibes as using the Twitter app and following threads. I’ve been using Apollo (a great third party app) but have deleted it from my devices to help give me some headspace back. Following Apple subreddits is mostly where I spend my time but even the most innocent question results in corrections on grammar or sarcasm. It’s the same for me as following a thread or replying to someone popular on Twitter, something I stopped doing. So, to help my mental health I’ve stopped using it.

I’m not saying you need to stop using it necessarily just as someone that gets caught up in people’s feelings and more sensitive to this I’m out.

Doing my best not to nitpick (and be more positive)

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After listening to another tech podcast this morning (something I’m trying to do less of these days) it struck me that my tendency to nitpick and find faults isn’t being helped by their consumption. We live in an age with some amazing technology around us but some people (including me sometimes) are never happy with anything and always see faults in things. Seeing the glass half full is a problem I’ve wrestled with for as long as I can remember but I’m doing my best to turn that around.

I don’t know what that looks like just yet, but I do know that my first few steps are going to be something like (I’m writing this as I think of them…)

  • Spend a lot less time on Twitter (again!)
  • Significantly reduce my time listening to podcasts, especially the more nitpick ones 🙂
  • Pick up journaling again, especially around noting a few positives that have happened that day

Going forward you’re probably going to see a few more posts like this and less on iOS 13 testing (I’m now totally back to iOS 12), I hope this is ok with everyone.

Taking a step back (slowly removing myself from Twitter)

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I wrote this post about how I’m trying to be more intentional using social media. Well after trying it I’m changing it up and deleting them completely. Twitter gives me very little in return for the negativity that I’m seeing. It’s become a habit to check what’s going on but I share very little these days. I won’t be deleting my account but will occasionally be checking in for my DM’s and won’t be replying to @mentions very quickly at all (sorry). These checks will be done in Safari on the Mac.

If you want to contact me about podcasting or anything really then you can use my contact page here and I’ll get back to you. I’m also thinking of a slack room which might be a good way to stay in touch if I don’t have you on iMessage already.

I’m also moving over to Micro.blog where you’ll find me here. If you want to support a great project then please consider doing the same.

I hope I’m getting across my feelings on this but I’ve got a lot going on and trying to stay positive and also create content is getting harder for me these days. I don’t want to disappear completely but need to take steps to move in the right direction.

Rediscovering the importance of a hobby for mental wellbeing

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If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I have a full time job and blog/freelance write on the side. It wasn’t until recently I sat down and thought about ways to relax a bit more and spending all that time in front of a device wasn’t doing me any good at all. What I’d let go of is my love of music and playing guitar, I’d replaced it with checking social, writing about tech and listening to podcasts. I effectively didn’t have a hobby anymore, I work in tech and wrote about in my spare time (all the time).

This was a good change at the time, I did a lot of YouTube videos on music and felt burnt out by it but I feel like I need to get the guitar gear back out and get back into playing to help me spend less time on my devices and more time being creative.

Spending this time getting back into music, both playing and recording is helping me disconnect from tech a bit and along with it my iPhone. It’s helped take my mind off things when I’m playing and especially when I’m learning something new. It’s a form of relaxation that I had completely forgotten about!

I expect I’ll be using the Mac a lot more soon when I sit down and start to record some songs again but the only technology I’m using is my iPad and tablature apps to learn songs.

If you’re feeling like you’re running then sit down and write down what you like to do to relax – and then schedule it into your day.

Moving social media to my iPad and being more intentional

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I’m constantly trying to get better at managing my social media time and I thought the best first step (this time!) was to move everything social to my iPad. I use the iPad more intentionally so I’m going to manage social along with my blog in a folder of it’s own. On the iPad I have a blog folder with all of my Blog stuff, it’ll live in there.

If you’re trying to cut back on your social media a bit then I’d recommend moving it off your smartphone and onto a laptop or tablet so that it’s less of a temptation and more intentional.