D23: Marvel Studio’s full Phase 4 TV shows

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So at D23 we have the full slate of shows coming to Disney+ Over the next two years. The new additions are Ms Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk. Moon Knight is a pretty dark character (darker than Batman) so it’s going to be interesting to see how this one gets pitched. She-Hulk and Ms Marvel are both important characters to introduce so also looking forward to them.

My standouts are Falcon and Winter Soldier and WanderVision.

Disney+ cant launch soon enough.

Roll on movie announcements (keeps fingers crossed for Fantastic Four).

What does Spider-Man leaving the MCU mean for the Avengers going forward?



I’m a huge Spider-Man fan and the recent reports of him being taken away from Marvel Studios has me thinking about the plans Disney now need to make to correct some of the course they were potentially on.

Following on from End Game and moving into Far From Home it looked obvious to me that Spider-Man was being lined up to be the new Iron Man, at least in some capacity. It felt a bit risky given they didn’t have the exclusive rights. Seeing Peter using all of that Stark tech in Far From Home was a great nod to the original Iron Man and felt like things were lining up nicely.

If these reports are accurate this isn’t going to happen now and I’m guessing that Falcon will be leading the Avengers, as what was most probably planned. This is the MCU so I can’t imagine they will be caught out by this but can’t be an easy thing for them to walk away from, especially with how well they casted Tom Holland into the role.

It’ll also be interesting to see where Venom comes into this and how the next Spider-Man movie pans out. After loving Into the Spider-verse as much as I do I have some hope Sony can get this right.

Let’s see what happens, part of me thinks that this isn’t over and Disney will come back and renegotiate.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Ant-Man helmet review

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I love the Hasbro Black series stuff, I have an Iron Man helmet, Cap shield and Infinity Gauntlet. For the money (sometimes as low as £50) they are the best way to get into collecting or in my daughters case, wearing the helmet of your favourite superhero.

They are made of hard plastic but have loads of detail and are well painted.

On the Ant-Man one you take off the respirator to access the battery compartment. For this one the batteries power coloured LED’s to make them blue or red.

Inside we have the usual plastic adjustment to fit to your head size.

The antenna come separately in the box and require fitting.

If you’re an MCU fan that wants a great looking prop for your shelf then I can’t recommend these highly enough.

Hasbro releasing a Boba Fett helmet

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Yes! I love the Hasbro legends series on the Marvel stuff but not selves into the Star Wars line yet, until now.

I’m a fan of collecting helmets and a Boba one has been on my bucket list but couldn’t afford to get one until now. The quality of the Hasbro Marvel props can’t be beat at the price so I’m comfortable ordering sight unseen.

Here’s the link if you’re looking to preorder in the uk.

Here’s the Hasbro link.

Spider-Man Far From Home non spoiler review

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Wow this is a hard one to share my thoughts on without spoiling anything but I’ll do my best to summarise my thoughts on the first MCU movie since end game and one that had a lot to live up to based on how much I enjoyed homecoming. It also signals the end of the MCU Phase 3.

So the film picks up after End Game and is focussed around Peter and MJ primarily and their journey across Europe with their class on a trip. It’s picking up with the events from End Game (no spoilers remember, man this is hard), and Peter picking up more responsibility, which isn’t exactly what he has in mind right now. This film manages to combine the heaviness of the MCU at this point in time, the humour you loved from homecoming and relationships with his family and friends (I loved Happy Hogan) to make it one of my favourite MCU movies to date (maybe I’ll do an MCU ranked post??).

Initially I didn’t think it could beat homecoming but the more I’ve digested it (no second viewing completed just yet) the more I think I prefer it. It’s got a lot of stuff in there for the Marvel fans (and more specifically Spider-Man, like me!) and it’s also a really good summer blockbuster.

I’m very happy with how this film turned out and looking forward to ComicCon for hopefully the upcoming Phase 4 line up.

Hasbro Legends Iron Man Helmet review

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If you’ve followed me long enough you’ll know I’m partial to the Hasbro legends series of props. I’ve got the Captain America shield and Infinity Gauntlet but wanted to complete my MCU phase 3 collection with one I’ve been after for a while.

It’s been out since 2016 but was stopped production for a while. Well this year it came back and I managed to score one using Forbidden Planet.

It’s wearable and is made up of a couple of parts. The main helmet and removable faceplate.

The faceplate is attached with magnets and you makes some noise once attached. This’ll need three AAA batteries if you want the ability to do the electronic stuff.

Once attached the eyes glow, you can adjust the brightness of this if you are wearing it for cosplay. There’s a button inside the helmet to adjust this.

It’s made up of hard plastic and sports a really nice (but fragile) paint job. It’ll easily scratch so be careful if you want to keep it in pristine condition.

For me getting a prop you can display for under £100 is a steal and I’m constantly impressed with how good the Hasbro Legends series is for the money.

Next up, Ant-Man.