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Is Disney Plus worth it in the UK?

With Disney Plus just a month away in the UK and the newly announced £49.99 a year I think this is a question a lot of us will be asking ourselves.

First off if you’re a fan of The Simpsons then you’re out of luck as it won’t be on Disney Plus here in the UK until at least 2022 thanks to SKY having the rights. If this is a deal breaker then you can stop reading and save your money by not subscribing.

I’m in a weird position where I’m a massive Star Wars and Marvel fan and already have all of the movies in my collection. I think most of the UK who wanted to watch The Mandalorian have already acquired it by some other means so I’m left wondering if I should wait this one out until Falcon and Winter Soldier comes out later in the year.

At the moment I can’t get anything out of Disney confirming what we will get here in the UK. That’s a lot of faith paying £49.99 when we don’t really know what we’ll be getting here.

Here are the only shows that Disney confirm on their site, not a huge amount. Yeah I’m excited for Clone Wars but is it too much to ask to show us a complete list of movies and TV.

I think it’s worth holding out for now to see what Disney announce up until 24th March when the £49.99 offer ends. I already have a load of Disney movies in iTunes so I’m not seeing the value in it just yet.

Star Wars might be better suited sticking to TV

If you’ve been following me for a bit you’ll know I’m a massive Star Wars fan. I grew up in the 80’s with the original trilogy but I’ve come to appreciate the prequels and like the sequels but more recently I’ve come to the conclusion Star Wars might be better sticking to the small screen.

The Mandalorian was some of my favourite Star Wars and now I’m a few seasons into The Clone Wars I’m absolutely loving it. Having more time to develop characters and bring us new places is absolutely what Star Wars needs right now.

I think Disney have taken the right approach with slowing down the theatrical releases and concentrating on TV.

I think The Mandalorian proves people like familiar settings but new characters. I know a few people I wouldn’t consider hardcore fans getting well into it after watching The Mandalorian. It also gives more space to develop existing ones that people would like to know more about.

Seeing a Rogue One era series and obviously Obi-Wan is exciting and The Mandalorian Season 2 coming it’s looking great for the future of Star Wars.

Watching The Clone Wars with my daughter I’m also seeing a few new favourites such as Ahsoka and Cad Bane. I’d like to see a prequel era live action series added to the mix. Ahsoka has become a fan favourite in our house so I’d love to see her in some capacity.

What do you think, is Star Wars better on TV now the saga is finished?

(Also can we get Boba Fett back please…)

Where’s Chewbacca after The Rise of Skywalker?

Spoilers for The Rise of Skywalker ahead….

Chewie will always be my favourite character in the Star Wars universe, as a kid to now I always love seeing him. Joonus Suotamo has done a great job picking up for the late Peter Meyhew and I felt in Solo he came into his own as I believed it was the Chewie I grew up with.

Thankfully Chewie got through Rise of Skywalker but we didn’t get a resolution of where he ended up. The medal for me was a great nod to him having something to remember Han and Leia by, this isn’t him finally getting a medal and isn’t fan service as some would lead you to believe. I like to think that he went back to his home planet of Kashyyyk with his family (yes, that holiday special is unfortunately Canon) but I would have liked to have seen it. Rey ends up with the Falcon but where’s Chewie? I’m hoping this either gets explained somewhere officially or we get Chewie in another movie or Disney+ show.

Personally I’d love to see him popping up in a series!

Second viewing of The Rise of Skywalker

So I’ve been back and watched it for a second time with my family and I have to say I still massively enjoyed it. Still got glassy eyes at the same points and knowing the story going in I was able to relax a bit more. I still enjoy how they tied it all together and when I’m comfortable writing spoilers I’ll share all of my thoughts.

D23: Marvel Studio’s full Phase 4 TV shows

Source: Reddit

So at D23 we have the full slate of shows coming to Disney+ Over the next two years. The new additions are Ms Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk. Moon Knight is a pretty dark character (darker than Batman) so it’s going to be interesting to see how this one gets pitched. She-Hulk and Ms Marvel are both important characters to introduce so also looking forward to them.

My standouts are Falcon and Winter Soldier and WanderVision.

Disney+ cant launch soon enough.

Roll on movie announcements (keeps fingers crossed for Fantastic Four).

What does Spider-Man leaving the MCU mean for the Avengers going forward?


I’m a huge Spider-Man fan and the recent reports of him being taken away from Marvel Studios has me thinking about the plans Disney now need to make to correct some of the course they were potentially on.

Following on from End Game and moving into Far From Home it looked obvious to me that Spider-Man was being lined up to be the new Iron Man, at least in some capacity. It felt a bit risky given they didn’t have the exclusive rights. Seeing Peter using all of that Stark tech in Far From Home was a great nod to the original Iron Man and felt like things were lining up nicely.

If these reports are accurate this isn’t going to happen now and I’m guessing that Falcon will be leading the Avengers, as what was most probably planned. This is the MCU so I can’t imagine they will be caught out by this but can’t be an easy thing for them to walk away from, especially with how well they casted Tom Holland into the role.

It’ll also be interesting to see where Venom comes into this and how the next Spider-Man movie pans out. After loving Into the Spider-verse as much as I do I have some hope Sony can get this right.

Let’s see what happens, part of me thinks that this isn’t over and Disney will come back and renegotiate.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Ant-Man helmet review

I love the Hasbro Black series stuff, I have an Iron Man helmet, Cap shield and Infinity Gauntlet. For the money (sometimes as low as £50) they are the best way to get into collecting or in my daughters case, wearing the helmet of your favourite superhero.

They are made of hard plastic but have loads of detail and are well painted.

On the Ant-Man one you take off the respirator to access the battery compartment. For this one the batteries power coloured LED’s to make them blue or red.

Inside we have the usual plastic adjustment to fit to your head size.

The antenna come separately in the box and require fitting.

If you’re an MCU fan that wants a great looking prop for your shelf then I can’t recommend these highly enough.