Hawkeye becomes Ronin in Avengers: Endgame

This was a cool moment in the new Avengers trailer, Hawkeye appears to have embraced his dark side and become Ronin. I’m assuming that his family were dusted in the snap.

In the comic books this happens after Civil War, it’s a samurai term and generally means going at it alone. Looks like he’s after a particular person or group in the trailer.

He does go back to Hawkeye in the comic books but it’ll be interesting to see where it takes him in the movies and his relationship with black widow.

How to watch Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures in the UK

Myself and my daughter sat down to watch Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures on YouTube only to be presented with this.

I tweeted out to a few of my favourite Star Wars Podcasters and the social media team (thanks to Michelle Buchman) at Star Wars got back to me.

Turns out if you’re outside of the US and Canada you will need to use Star Wars Kids.

Will Chewie be in the Captain Marvel movie?

(Spoilers for Captain Marvel ahead …)

Now I’ve been reading a lot of Captain Marvel, particularly the Kelly Sue Deconnick run I spotted something new on the Captain Marvel poster.

If you look in the bottom left you’ll see what looks like the back end of a cat.

This appears to be Chewie, her cat (who happens to be an alien called a Flerken).

In the comic book there’s some great interaction between Rocket, Chewie and Captain Marvel that won’t make it into the movie but I’m really curious how they are going to take on the character of Chewie.

I’m thinking it’ll just be a cat for this movie, if we get a second then maybe it’ll go more into what Chewie actually is but I think the first movie will be so packed that there won’t be any time to get into it.

What do you think?

Star Wars, The Mandalorian announces directors and first image

Source: Star Wars

The new streaming series from Jon Favreau just keeps on looking more positive. Aside from the bad ass looking Mandalorian in the image below the list of directors and creatives at Lucasfilm is top notch. Having Dave Filoni on board is a very positive step, having George Lucas’s padawan involved in live action is great. He’s long been doing great things on the animation front with clone wars and rebels and having him on live action in some capacity is only good.

I also can’t believe I’m seeing Taika Waititi (Thor Ragnorok, Hunt for the Wilderpeople) directing an episode.

Can’t wait for this.