A look at Rey’s lightsaber in Star Wars Episode IX

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As you know I share my passions on the blog, one of these and a massive influence on me is Star Wars. I wanted to highlight a few things I noticed in the new trailer for Episode IX, well the stuff I think is interesting anyways.

First up is looking at Rey’s lightsaber, which we know from the events of The Last Jedi was broken in half and needed to be repaired.

Well in the first teaser we can see the repair and it looks like it’s pretty much intact, which is great as someone that wanted to see that one last until the end of the saga.

You can see here that although blurry the grip is maintained but there is a repair as shown above that is keeping it together.

You can also see the repair in this shot, which is a little more covered but shows a repair where it got broken in the last film.

It’s going to be interesting to see how it actually gets repaired but for now we know what it’s going to look like in Episode IX.

How to stay up to date with Star Wars Celebration at home

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This week marks the start of Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, something definitely on my bucket list but not this year unfortunately. There’ll be some big announcements and panels for this one and here’s how I’m keeping up to date.

First off you can check the official site. This’ll show key timings and events. The key ones for me are

  • Episode IX panel + trailer: Friday 12th @ 11am-12pm (Chicago time)
  • Galaxy’s Edge theme park updates: Saturday 13th @ 11am-12:30pm (Chicago time)
  • Jedi: Fallen Order Game: Saturday 13th @ 13:30-14:30 (Chicago time)
  • The Mandalorian: Sunday 14th @ 11am-12pm (Chicago time)

Events and a live stream of the show (hosted by the Star Wars show) will be on their YouTube channel.

Avoiding Avengers:Endgame spoilers


So close now so I’m in full avoid any possible spoilers mode. To aid in this I’ll be pretty quiet on social for the next few weeks. Here’s the plan.

I’ve muted this hashtag

I’ve unfollowed any Marvel and muted journalists I follow that report on movies.

I’m also going to be posting my social feed from my blog.

How are you avoiding spoilers?

Captain Marvel shield baseball cap


I needed a new cap to replace my ageing hockey one so after watching Captain Marvel I fancied a shield one.

Well the good news is that you can get one, although it’s not officially licensed.

It’ll take a little while to get to you if you’re used to next day shipping (around two weeks) but it was worth the wait.

I can’t post the link as it’s now been taken down, I expect it’s because of the license issues but if you do a search on Amazon you’ll see a lot more.

I’m not expecting to see much of Thanos in Avengers End Game (mild spoiler post)


The new trailer is out and it’s a good one.

Doesn’t give much away (well a few things, I’ll do these in a separate post) but I’m not expecting to see Thanos much. He’s done his deed and in no mood for a fight. Looking at this trailer my best guess is using the Quantum Realm to go back and get the infinity stones before Thanos.

Not too long to wait.

Here’s the trailer.