WWDC: Putting Home Screens podcast on hold (for now)

After the WWDC 2020 keynote and working through all of the home screen changes I’ve decided to put the podcast on hold for a couple of months. There’s so many great changes to how we can customise the look of our devices now to make them our own I felt that talking about the iOS 13 way to do it wasn’t that interesting given most of us are excited about widgets and app libraries.

Even a day in my home screen is working completely different for me, I want to chat with guests about their iOS 14 setups.

Thanks for subscribing (if you are) and also for listening to the current episodes. I hope you agree that’s it’s better to focus on the future of how iOS 14 will change the look of our home screens.

I may do a few solo episodes talking about the changes, my experience and how to setup – sound interesting?

Home Screens Episode 2

A few weeks to get done but I’m back with Episode 2 that I have just uploaded to Anchor so should be aggregated to your podcast app of choice soon.

This week I have a guest in Daryl Baxter who I got to know via Twitter and our mutual love for the iPad.

Here’s the screenshot that we will be going through.

Thanks again to everyone for the positive feedback and if you have any guest or show suggestions (or you’d like to come on please let me know).

Launching a podcast on Anchor

As you’ll know if you follow me I finally got in gear and put out a new podcast. It’s one I’ve wanted to do for a few years but with everything going on right now I needed a distraction so put some energy into doing something creative.

I looked into hosting options and decided that right now given I’m on a budget and want ease of posting I decided to go for Anchor.

I work primarily on iOS so downloaded the app.

When you launch you can create an account and podcast including adding artwork all within the app itself.

I created some simple artwork on my iPad using Procreate and exported as a JPG ready for adding to my podcast in the Anchor app.

Once I’d created an outline of the first episode I recorded it with my iPad Pro 10.5″ and Blue Yeti Microphone using Ferrite.

I did my best to edit on the iPad but ended up falling back on old habits and used my MacBook and GarageBand.

Once I had my finished and exported MP3 file I used the Anchor website to add the show. I found the app a little lacking for adding shows and writing a good show note was a nightmare. You get a little text box and can’t see the text very well.

That was it.

Anchor handles distribution to other providers and I’m currently still waiting for it to propagate to them all.

If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to get a podcast off the ground Anchor might be a good choice.

A deep dive into Rogue One

Source: Star Wars Minute Podcast

I’ve recently picked up a few new Star Wars podcasts and one of my current favourites is Star Wars minute. At the moment they are deep diving each minute of Rogue One, which is one of my favourite bits of Disney era content. It’s fascinating, especially the most recent where they have the screenwriter himself talking insights and thoughts behind filming decisions.

If you’re into film at all I think it’s worth a listen, but even more if like me you’re obsessed with Star Wars.

Listening to podcasts out of habit

It occurred to me the other day that I’d had a podcast on for an hour and not taken in a single bit of information or followed the conversation – listening to podcasts has become a habit. I’ve lost the ability to just have some peace and quiet and time to shut myself off from having a constant stream of conversation in my ears.

I’m trying to be more intentional with my technology and breaking this habit has gone to the top of my list.

I’ve deleted overcast from my devices and going to take a month away from listening to podcasts.

It’ll be interesting to see how long I last and how much more music I enjoy again.

Where I’ll struggle is on walks and long drives but let’s at least give it a try.

Podcasting alone is hard

When I started doing my little solo podcast it was easy, I had a few topics to discuss and could just talk unscripted. However this became difficult after a few weeks and has since been put on hold.

Being motivated to continue on your own is harder that it sounds, well it was for me. Without someone to bounce ideas off it became difficult to both come up with topics and the motivation to go the extra mile (working late into the night after a day of work and family life).

This is also true for having someone to push you and have a schedule not to let them down.

So I don’t discourage a solo podcast but it didn’t work for me, I like to talk to others and have a good time.

On that note if anyone wants a guest or start a tech, Marvel or Star Wars podcast let me know 😀