An update on iOS Only


I’ve been messing up a bit with iOS Only, the feed has been switching around and I’m inconsistent in posting. Well this year I’m going to be putting more effort into building it and spend less time with long form blog posts. To start this I’ve canned my account with Anchor so the feed will stop working soon.

I’ve created an account with a podcast hosting site and waiting on the feed to be approved by Apple.

You can grab the RSS feed of the podcast here and I’ll post when the podcast is available in iTunes.

I’m busy this weekend but I’ll be planning it and recording weekly from next week.

Having second thoughts on Anchor

podcasting, Tech

Now we’re into 2019 I’m thinking about my themes of the year and part of this is focusing on podcasting a bit more. As you may know I moved to Anchor but I’m second guessing myself now.

I’m staring to think that going all in podcasting on someone else’s (free) platform might be a bad idea in the long run. What if they monetise on my content, what if they go out of business and how are they paying their bills?

Now my podcast is only a few episodes old this seems like the right time to think about it seriously.

My iPad is still out for repair but I’ll be recording a podcast when I get it back. Hopefully by then I’ll decide which platform is best.

Podcasting going forward

podcasting, Tech

With the new year upon us and feeling a little down on my passion projects I’ve decided to close my podbean account and with it iOS Only.

I’ve thought of a few new ideas but for now I can’t justify hosting costs for the amount of downloads I’m getting. It’s hard for me to pay for all of the infrastructure for this and my blog and I prefer to blog just now.

I’m looking at alternatives so it might come back in the new year but for now I’ve stopped to take a break and take stock of all of my projects.

Thanks to those that downloaded and followed along.