My Todoist setup

I’m getting back on plan, left things slide a bit and tried to use iCloud to get things done. I’ve failed miserably and need to get back to using a third party app to keep me on task.

I’ve always come back to Todoist or Omnifocus but Todoist gets my vote just now. I like that I can create a free form ‘today’ but also add reminders where needed such as get Milk at 2pm when I’m at the supermarket or call dentist etc.

I’m only just getting started but here’s my setup.

I’m using labels to classify tasks as you can see above and only using projects where they are needed such as my passion ones. In the past I’d have created a project called Home and put all my family tasks in the there but labels makes more sense to me these days.

I’m also enjoying the new dark mode 😎.

The only downside of using Todoist coming from something like Reminders is that their Apple Watch app just isn’t very good. Sync to the app seems slow and there is no support for Series 4 complications in the info watch faces. I’m hoping these are being worked on.

Here goes, wish me luck.

On using Apple Reminders and Calendar

I’ve tried to use a combination of reminders and calendar on iOS to manage my life over the last week. I’ve tried using both apps separately and Fantastical as the interface.

Both haven’t stuck with me.

Fantastical has become more stressful having calendar and reminders in one view and switching to using the poor Reminders app left me even more stressed out.

I’ll update once I figure this out.

Organising into Apple Reminders

I’m done with third party to do apps (famous last words), I’m feeling overwhelmed. I was in the car and used CarPlay to add a few things I needed to do via Siri. I also gave the Siri watch face a go and surprisingly liked it. Both of these combined gave me some clarity in what I wanted in a to do system. Be easy to enter and easy to remember.

Here’s my initial Reminders setup.

I’ll share more as I get through my setup. All I’ve done so far is to create these areas of focus.

Using Apple Reminders to get things done (again)

I’m trying to use Apple Reminders for about the millionth time to see if it can fit the way my brain works.

I’ve switched to do apps so many times I’m declaring app bankruptcy and trying the default. The main draw is no fiddling with other accounts and knowing where my data is. I trust iCloud and Apple, that means a lot to me.

After looking at what I wanted in a to do app the main two were as follows.

Being able to create a free ‘today’ view. No time assignment just a list of things I’d like to get done today. I’ve achieved this by having a ‘today’ list that I can maintain.

Next up are reminders. As the app name suggests it’s good at reminding me to do stuff when I need to do it.

Another bonus of using Reminders is being able to call on Siri. I’m in the car for work quite a bit and being able to use CarPlay to set reminders and add ideas to my lists has been invaluable.

Lastly the Siri watch face integrates with Reminders so I’m not missing what I need to do when I need to do it.

Let’s see if it sticks this time.

My iPad Home screen (May 2018 edition)

Here’s an update on my home screen, specifically the iPad Pro 10.5″ that has become my main device.

Here’s the apps I use the most.

  • OmniFocus: I bounce between to do apps almost monthly but I’m trying to get myself settled on OmniFocus
  • WordPress: The app I use to manage my blog and add new posts
  • Music: I’m an Apple Music subscriber and aside from a few UI issues I’ve come to like it a lot
  • Tweetbot: My Twitter app of choice, I cannot stand the official app so I’m hoping that we continue to see updates to third party apps
  • Notes: My note taking app of choice, reliable sync and being able to use the Apple Pencil means that I can use it for both work and play
  • IA Writer: I use iA Writer to sketch out ideas and start the bulk of the writing on my posts
  • DuckDuckGo browser: Pretty much replaced Safari for me these days, puts privacy first and gets frequent updates
  • Marvel Unlimited: I’ve recently got back into comic books having read them growing up, Marvel Unlimited gives me everything I need, although I wish that you could download more than 12 issues when on the go

What are some of your favourite apps?

Switching to OmniFocus

I’ve been using a mixture of Todoist and Reminders but now I’m into 2018 I’ve decided to make a switch back to OmniFocus.

Todoist was fine but it’s update to include little illustrations didn’t sit well with me. Reminders is ok for basics but not to plan a lot of projects.

So, I made the decision to go all in on OmniFocus.

The most important decision when choosing a to do app is trust. Do you trust that when you get something off your mind it’ll stay safe somewhere until you need to see it?

With OmniFocus and more importantly the Omnigroup I trust them as I do Apple with my data. I can’t say the same for most others.

I’ll keep you updated on my configuration and how I’m getting on.