Using Fantastical as a task manager

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I’ve used Fantastical on and off for years but with it’s ability to display calendars and reminders all in one view I thought I’d give it a go. The beauty of using this is that you stay in the iCloud bubble and not having to manage data elsewhere.

Things I like about it

  • The widget displays a full calendar if you expand it out. It’s great to be able to quickly see the entire month and each days events if you click on a particular day
  • Natural language, just like Todoist you can type things like “put bins out every Thursday at 2pm”
  • Dark mode (because…)

Things I don’t like

  • No ability to create a Reminders list
  • No ability to reorder Reminders lists
  • Apple Watch app doesn’t show Reminders due today

Did it stick?

For me, no. As a calendar app it’s second to none, it’s pretty great. But, if like me you are trying to use Reminders too then it’s going to be a frustrating experience if you value the same items in my ‘things I don’t like’ list above.

Productivity and projects update

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I tried an experiment as I wrote in a previous post of giving Things 3 a go and I’m declaring to do app bankruptcy.

Whilst it looks great there’s something about their privacy policy I just don’t trust (I’m pretty picky these days about where my data is being held). I also found there to be too many steps to creating repeating tasks and adding reminders.

So, I’m back on the core Apple apps and iCloud. I think this’ll work as I’m simplifying my hobbies a bit going forward so won’t have too many side projects to plan out.

iOS Only is on hold until I can get my feed sorted with Anchor.

I’ve blown the dust off my guitar stuff and aiming to put some time into using it to relax a bit in the evenings. Be it recording music on my iPad or just learning new songs. I’m feeling less and less interested in tech at the moment from a keeping up with the latest news perspective. I’ll definitely be writing or talking about how I’m using iOS for music.

The blog stays as is, writing about my passions. These may change over time but it’ll always be what I’m interested in.

30 day productivity experiment- Things 3

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I’m back testing out productivity apps for 30 days. My last one that seemed to have some traction was using OmniFocus but in the end it didn’t stick. I liked the app a lot but had a couple of issues. The watch app stopped syncing properly so due task counts weren’t correct and there wasn’t really a way to create a today list. I could add a tag ‘today’ but seemed like a hack.

I’m giving Things 3 a go.

I’m a day into it and finding it pretty good so far. My project and areas of responsibility aren’t right yet but I’ve created a few to divide up my tasks.

One thing I really liked when using it for a weekly review was that I can see my calendar and to do items all in one scrolling view using ‘Upcoming’.

Another area that’s great is it’s watch app. Sync works well and I’ve found myself using it when out shopping to remind myself what I needed to get. It’s slick and really is a standout watch app.

Let’s see how I get on this month using Things 3 to manage my daily comings and going’s.

Things 3 dark mode (wow its a pretty app!)

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I thought I know I’ll finally get around to testing Things 3 dark mode – now I’m rethinking my productivity workflow!

It’s just such a pretty looking app. Maybe not as efficient for quickly entering and marking repeating reminders but it’s one of the best looking apps out there.

I’m going to do a little experiment and use it alongside my main to do app (OmniFocus) and see where it takes me.

How to reorder projects in OmniFocus

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I’ve started to use OmniFocus folders as my areas of focus, such as career and financial. Within these I have projects such as podcast and blog. They are building up and seem to stay in the same order they are created in. Well the good news is that you can reorder these.

To do this simply tap on one and hold. You’ll then be able to order them by moving around.

I’d like to see a sort order added to the app, if anyone knows a better way please let me know.