Otterbox Clearly Protected Case for iPhone 11 Pro review

I’ve returned every case I’ve tested so far but on a whim popped into a superstore and picked up an Otterbox for my iPhone 11 Pro. At £14.99 I thought it was reasonable and I could use it when I’m out and about. (And out of reach of an Apple Store should the worst happen).Continue reading “Otterbox Clearly Protected Case for iPhone 11 Pro review”

iPhone 11 Pro Apple Silicone Case review

I’ve always picked up the white silicone case, the red reminded me why – it’s a lint magnet. Let’s put the lint aside for a moment. Personally I like the red with midnight green combination but ultimately I sent it back and opted for a black leather case. The texture on the silicone isn’t myContinue reading “iPhone 11 Pro Apple Silicone Case review”