Leaving Twitter?

I use Tweetbot and lots of filters but I’m still being shown hate or political posts I don’t want to see. I also feel compelled to read threads, something that’s very bad for all of us. You may be able to take social media comments with a pinch of salt but for me right now […]

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I’m finally free from Facebook

At the beginning of the year I’d decided I’d had enough of contributing to Zuckerberg’s empire and made a decision to leave Facebook. I knew I’d miss updates from my friends but mostly my feed was manipulated anyway just to see (almost always negative) news, which wasn’t good for my general wellbeing. This on top […]

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Swapping social media for a blog?

Having played with Micro.blog a little and disconnecting slowly from social media I asked myself, could I swap social media with my blog? It’s what I’ve always done in the past before social to share my thoughts and since most networks are toxic these days it might be time to retreat back. I’d still share […]

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