If you’re a blogger you need to be on Twitter

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I’m only on day 3 of not using Twitter and whilst I’m using my iPhone less I’m missing out on engagement. I’ve come to realise that the majority of my shares and comments on what I write is done via Twitter. I’m seeing great growth by posting on my blog in short form instead of writing it on Twitter but not seeing the resulting engagement.

So I’ll be back on Twitter but will curb it down to checking it a few times a day. This is all about self control. I’ll also be heavily muting and unfollowing so that I don’t see anything that I don’t want to. My main app will be Tweetbot but I’ll need to use the official app just to check notifications of likes and RT’s. I’ve also notified that Tweetbot doesn’t get all of my mentions.

If you’re creating content, especially around technology then I feel you have to be on Twitter but if you don’t want to see the negative side I’ll be avoiding reading threads and only checking a few times a day, well that’s my goal anyway.

Leaving Twitter?

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I use Tweetbot and lots of filters but I’m still being shown hate or political posts I don’t want to see. I also feel compelled to read threads, something that’s very bad for all of us.

You may be able to take social media comments with a pinch of salt but for me right now I can’t.

So I’m taking a break from Twitter, this is the first step to maybe moving off the platform permanently.

I’m still going to be sharing my thoughts but I’ll be much more focussed on doing it via blog posts like these.

For those people that know me, I’ll still be on the various slack channels and iMessage threads.

I’ll also be adding a contact page to my blog in case anyone wants to reach out for anything.

Let’s see how long I last.

Rethinking social networking and my yearly theme

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Yes, I’m writing yet another taking a break from something type of post. Between my day job and trying to be more focussed with what I’m doing on my passion projects I’m trying to remove distractions. I’m also conscious that’s it not doing my mental health any favours and without the heavy use of filters and Tweetbot I’d most likely delete my account.

I use it to communicate with friends I’ve met on the social network and also have gained opportunities to appear on other creators projects, something I’m grateful for.

So I’m not giving it up completely but doing a few things to put up little barriers.

First off I’m deleting all Twitter apps from my iPhone and iPad.

If I want to check in on my notifications I’m going to use Safari on my iPad, so I’ll most probably check in every few days.

I’ll still be sharing but I’m aiming to use my blog to do it.

I will be on social but I’m cutting it back to a few slack channels and Micro.blog. At the moment everything I do on Micro.blog has to be posted on my blog but I’m considering supporting them and going all in on it being my social network of choice. More on this once I’ve figured it all out.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m feeling social burnout and everything is a little out of balance at the moment.

My theme this year is Focus and Calm, this is a little step in the right direction for me.


I’ve installed Tweetbot again as I found that I missed the conversations that I enjoy as someone that works at home, it’s my water cooler conversation.

I’ve also tried and deleted Micro.Blog. A nice community and great idea but I didn’t have any interaction that was worth £5 a month. I’ll still post there but using my WordPress rather than paying for a micro.blog.

I’m finally free from Facebook

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At the beginning of the year I’d decided I’d had enough of contributing to Zuckerberg’s empire and made a decision to leave Facebook. I knew I’d miss updates from my friends but mostly my feed was manipulated anyway just to see (almost always negative) news, which wasn’t good for my general wellbeing. This on top of the privacy concerns and their apparent lack of valuing anyone was the final straw. My problem was that I’d removed my phone number but two factor was still turned on. I was locked out.

I didn’t use it for 11 months, I had an inactive account. As far as Facebook was concerned I wasn’t an active user, this is a good thing to hurt their numbers. My issue was my data was still there. Well this weeks revelations was enough for me to sit down and figure my account out. I had to send in a redacted passport, removing all my info aside from the basic they needed. Within 5 minutes I had access again.

I checked my feed and notifications and then download my photos in an archive. Something to be fair Facebook make easy. Once I had this archive (html) downloaded to iCloud I proceeded to delete my account.

I was free, well not quite.

I also had an instagram account, something I quite like using. I had to stick by my principles on this one and deleted that too.

I can get my photo fix elsewhere, it wasn’t worth keeping my account and supporting this immoral company anymore.

So, end of 2018 and I’m finally free of using any Facebook properties – it feels great!

Swapping social media for a blog?

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Having played with Micro.blog a little and disconnecting slowly from social media I asked myself, could I swap social media with my blog?

It’s what I’ve always done in the past before social to share my thoughts and since most networks are toxic these days it might be time to retreat back. I’d still share links via Twitter but that’s all it’s used for, a conduit for linking to content.

I’ve not used Facebook since January 2018 and deleted my Instagram account several times, currently considering removing it completely. I don’t think I could delete my Twitter account as it’s where the majority of my readers are but if I share links still then I should have my bases covered.

So I’m going to try an experiment of using WordPress + Micro.blog to serve my social needs. You’ll still see links posted on Twitter but I’m not planning on spending much time on there at all. I’ll also look at enabling comments on my blog.

Here goes another one of my little experiments.