Testing the Logitech Crayon

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I’m using my iPad Mini full time these days and finally picked up a second Pencil. This time I went for the Logitech Crayon, at £59 for my uses it seemed the best option. First impressions are it feels lighter, it’s more comfortable to use (than Pencil 1) and less slippery.

I’ve just used Noteability to sketch out a few ideas and seems great so me so far. I’ll update once I’ve had it for a few weeks.

Owning the 12” MacBook


As you mostly likely know I get work done on my trusty iPad Pro but do occasionally use my 12″ MacBook, yes the one that Apple discontinued this week.

I’ve owned my base model since Jan 2017 and had a love/hate relationship with it since. The elephant in the room is obviously that keyboard. For me the travel is a little lacking but the layout and keys themselves don’t upset me. I do however have sticking keys that I need to get looked at, which reminds me I need to book an appointment at Apple.

The next downside of owning one is the performance. It’s not great if you want to do anything other than web and email. Even using the photos app on my iCloud Photo Library (around 40,000 photos) makes it choke. It’s not particularly slow in everyday stuff I do like writing but as soon as you do anything with images or video it’s slow.

The main plus side is size and weight. I love the design and portability of this machine. It goes in my laptop bag and just feels like taking an iPad with me.

I wouldn’t recommend picking one up used or refurbished, it’s a machine with more negatives than positives and I’d save some money and wait or get an iPad Pro.

Making my Apple Watch feel like a Casio (and picking up a cool new band)

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My favourite watch of all time is…

Yes, the good old Casio F-91W. The best selling watch of all time (probably 😀) and when I stopped wearing my Apple Watch a few weeks ago going back to it reminded me how much I loved it. It’s light and the strap (although very cheap looking) doesn’t cling to you like some of the Apple Watch ones do. I find the sports band a little sticky when exercising and doesn’t breathe that well. I forgot I was wearing the Casio most of the time. I also went back to wearing it underneath my wrist as I always used to.

So I tried to get a cheaper band for my Apple Watch that got close to this.

I settled on this one, yes it’s orange (one of my favourite colours) and the texture looks different but it’s the feel on the wrist I was after. This is more rubbery than the Casio but gives me that same forgetting I’m wearing it vibe.

I think some of that comes from the fact it’s a buckle mechanism like the Casio.

I wish it was a little less rubbery but not been able to find one that is plastic instead of some sort of silicone.

I think it looks great, what do you think?

iCloud deleted my notes on iOS 13 (again)


Another beta warning post for everyone thinking about trying the public beta. I’ve lost all of my Apple Notes again, lost all of them in developer beta 1 also. Sync was initially slow but now it’s deleted them on my iPhone, which then propagated across my other devices. I do feel Apple have been irresponsible putting the public beta out so early this early but I’m not going to go off on a rant about this (I’m really trying to be more positive on the blog).

Back up, back up and back up again before installing anything.

Letting my Apple Developer account expire


Today’s the day my Apple Developer account expires, something I’ve kept going for about 7 years. Every year I pay my £79 to essentially beta test iOS. I’ve had good intentions to get into development but I’m admitting to myself I’ll never get there. With the increased issues of this years beta track I’m out and if I want to test I’ll just jump on the public beta.

Stopping my use of Google services

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I’ve been thinking a lot about my data, where it’s sat and which companies I trust or more importantly line up with my morals. Google is one I’ve wrestled with for a while but I’ve decided to delete my account over the next few months. I’ve stopped checking my gmail and signed out of YouTube everywhere but now I need to make some concrete plans to remove myself or stop using it until they change their attitude.

I’ve been following the Center for humane technology for a while but listening to their podcast really got me thinking about how companies are pushing for attention biased on the extreme and negative. YouTube recommendations are terrible at this and being signed out is even worse. I can no longer give Google my views when it can’t take any responsibility for its algorithm. Check out the latest episode of their podcast which is a great resource if you’re interested in why I’m not it’s biggest fan. Content creators I’ve followed for a while are now sucked into this arms race for negative content, which YouTube keeps on rewarding (I’m still glad I stopped trying to build a following there, I couldn’t have done this).

I’ll get off my soap box now, just wanted to share my thoughts on removing or pausing my account, I’m not expecting anyone to follow.