Does wireless charging damage your battery?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I charge my iPhone 11, this isn’t some sort of sad hobby but it started to not charge consistently using the port (if you encounter this just clean the port, it’ll have lint in there I bet).

When I checked the battery health of my 11 month old iPhone 11 Pro I was surprised to see it’s at 100% capacity still.

The only thing I’ve done differently with this phone is I’ve never used a wireless charger. My X and XS were at least 96% at this point and I regularly put them in the wireless charger.

I’m reaching out to you to check what’s your battery health after wireless charging regularly?

A renewed love for blogging

As you know if you’ve been following me I change my mind a lot, I’m not very decisive and quite often struggle sticking to one thing for too long (check out my two failed podcasts, so far…) but writing sticks. I’ve freelanced for years now (not so much over the last few to be honest) but always come back to my blog here. It’s where my workflows work for me and it’s simple and quick enough for me to get my thoughts down. I don’t enjoy Twitter so much these days but thanks to Tweetbot I can still dip in and out and interact with some of the great folks that follow me but my main thoughts have always come back to blogging.

I can write from any device, be it a quick post like this one or something more like a review. More importantly I’m very thankful for everyone that reads my stuff and believe me that really does help keep me motivated.

It also lets me write without worrying about my voice or how I come across, something I’m very conscious of. Podcasting is great but I’m not sure I’m cut out for hosting one anymore to be honest, it’s something I’m wrestling with at the moment.

Anyway a bit of a ramble just to share how I’m feeling about blogging at the moment.

Some thoughts on iOS 14 Home Screen widgets

I’ve been ducking in and out of the beta this year but with beta 4 I’m finding it’s actually pretty stable and performance is good so I’ve gone all in on the iPhone. I’ve been playing with widgets throughout this time, it gives me something else to mess with (I’m terrible at decision making) but feel it’s a really nice step up from a grid of icons. I used the older style widgets a lot but these new ones give me exactly what I need – quick glanceable reminders.

What I mean is that whenever I unlock my iPhone I see my calendar, reminders and the weather (although this one is probably going). It’s been good for my productivity and like I think I said before takes me back to the Nokia N95 days where I liked being able to see a schedule and keep on top of stuff throughout the day.

I’m yet to test any third party widgets (devs, please reach out). It’ll be October before we see iOS in the public I feel this year and another month or so before some of your favourite third party apps are updated but just using the Apple apps is showing the potential for what we can do with these.

I do miss a bit of interactivity but on the whole I’m ok with just tapping and ticking off a reminder.

iOS 14 is one of my favourite updates so far.

Should you upgrade to macOS Big Sur on a MacBook 12”?

I’ve been testing Big Sur on my 2016 MacBook 12″ (8GB Ram, 1.1 M3) for a month or so now and even though I know it’s a beta I don’t think performance is going to get much better on this model. At this point I can’t recommend upgrading to Big Sur if you are running it on a 2016 MacBook. It’s laggy to the point it’s almost unusable in places, I’ve gone back to Catalina and I’ll be sticking to it on this model of MacBook.

I’m yet to try our iMac that also has 8GB Ram and I’m fearing that I won’t be upgrading that one either. Ram seems to be big on this one and I’d recommend 16GB at least if your machine had 8GB or less.

Why I’m not buying the Google Pixel 4a

I’ve been thinking a lot about going back to a simpler setup and ditching my iPhone 11 Pro for something with a fingerprint sensor and then getting a separate portable camera. When I saw the rumours I was excited by the prospect of a Pixel 4a. I purchased and reviewed the 3a last year and whilst I loved the camera I missed some of the lock in of iOS, like shared Calendar and iMessage so returned it. This time around I rethought my workflow and was ready to pick one up for review.

Ultimately though I decided against it and here’s why.

  • Camera: I loved the camera on the 3a and for me this doesn’t look a step up on that model, save some cash and get a used 3a (something I’m considering)
  • Performance: Reviews seem to point at the processor not being the greatest and lag, especially when processing portrait mode etc
  • OS updates: 3 years of updates isn’t great, yes I know it’s £349 but I’d still like to see Google commit to less eco waste by supporting them longer

I do love the construction and personally my ideal phone right now would be this body construction but with the 11 Pro camera.

So I’m still looking, it’ll most probably be an SE 2020 I go for in the end but I’m open minded to something Android I just wish Google had pushed a little more. I’m also going to check out used 3a prices, less than £200 and it’s worth a go.

Stop organising your iOS 13 apps

I’ve been switching between iOS 13 and iOS 14 almost weekly whilst testing and one thing that’s struck me is I don’t want to organise my apps anymore. Since discovering the App Library in iOS 14 I can’t be bothered to do anything about my iOS 13 setup.

I think if you’re on iOS 13 don’t bother doing anything further until you’ve experienced using iOS 14 and the App Library. It organises my apps better than I can and looking at iOS 13 now feels pretty stale.

WordPress VS Micro.Blog – engagement

This is my first post on my blog for a few weeks. I’ve been active but over on Micro.Blog instead. I posted my content over and went all in for almost of month. I want to share my experience as an independent blogger.

First off I want to talk about engagement.

I have to say that over on I’ve had nothing but amazing conversations. No negativity or personal attacks (something I’ve been experiencing on Twitter in the last few months). I’ve been loving posting and finding new people.

I don’t check Twitter anymore and am now doing my best not to go back.

I’ve missed a couple of things though. I have an active group of readers on WordPress that follow and comment on my posts, I’ve missed this interaction.

I’m going to try the best of both worlds.

I’ll be posting longer form on my blog like this one (I’ll go into reasons in a later post). But anything social like photo sharing or just how I’m getting on will be on Micro.Blog and cross posted here.

Posting exclusively on Micro.Blog

As you might have seen on Twitter, I’m moving my social onto Micro.Blog as a test for a bit as I am feeling completely worn out by the attitude and way that free social platforms (and video sharing) sites work. Rewarding negativity and outrage isn’t a service I want to support so I’m slowly making moves to come off them.

I’m going to posting to my Micro.Blog exclusively now for a bit to see how I get on and if it sticks I might even move the blog over.

See you there.

iPhone 11 Pro battery health after 10 months

Almost 10 months in and I was surprised to see I’d lost only 1% of battery health.

When I had the XS at the same point it was at least 5% lower than this. The only thing I’ve done different with this one is I’ve never used wireless charging, only cables. There also a battery optimised setting to change a bit more intelligently so wonder if this was the reason.

How’s yours faring?

iOS 14: widget first impressions

I don’t think I could go back to iOS 13 now after beta testing iOS 14, it’s made the iPhone home screen so much more alive and interactive. I’ve not gone overboard with my widgets but now settled on one large one that is ‘stacked’. This stacking means that I added the medium sized calendar, followed by reminders. I then dragged reminders on top and hey presto I have a stack I can scroll through. I then simply added weather, notes, music and battery.

They aren’t updating super reliably at the moment but I’m so impressed with the implementation.

As a side note this beta 1 seems really stable, much more than iOS 13. I think Apple have taken the negative feedback on board from last year.

Can’t wait to start seeing more of your setups.