Put your social media apps into a folder

I’ve been wanting to reduce the time I spend on social media for a while but might have actually cracked it (for me).

It was quite simple in the end, I put them all into a folder hidden away. It’s on my home screen but I should probably move it to another page, even moving it away from one tap and not seeing it on my main page has helped me.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

How to delete your 500px account

After the recent data breaches I’m slowing trawling through and deleting accounts I no longer use. First up 500px.

On first logging in I needed to reset my password due to said data breach.

Once you’re in then click on your profile picture and go to account settings. If you scroll down you’ll see ‘deactivate account’. Click this and you’re done, amazingly it doesn’t even want you to enter your password again.


They aren’t deleting my account after all, I’m chasing this up.


You have to submit a support ticket!

Reducing my podcast consumption

2019 has already started with too many inputs, technology moves so fast and having a focus on Apple even more so – keeping up is tough so I’ve kind of declared podcast bankruptcy. I follow a lot of blogs (these days more independent writers) and I’m enjoying actually reading them rather than being constantly plugged into a podcast.

I’m not naming any names but some podcast networks also only invite on the same guests, not a lot of diversity in the Apple podcasting world for me to enjoy. There’s only so much attention I can give some people – especially when I’m trying to stay focussed and calm in 2019.

So I’ve paired my podcast listening down to about 5 shows now, the ones that also have a YouTube channel I’ll watch them rather than listen. I’m hoping this will bring some calm into my life and reduce the amount of headspace I’m giving Apple content. I actually find that I enjoy listening/watching to folks talking about comic books and Star Wars a lot more these days, maybe it’s time I started writing more about these subjects…

Here’s to listening to more music, reading more independent writers and getting off the always on news cycle.

Blogging from an iPhone

You’d be amazed at the amount of posts that I do from an iPhone. I tend to wake early so a lot of my writing is done in these quiet spots before my day kicks off. It’s one of the reasons I ended up getting an iPhone XS, bigger screen and better camera. For me my iPhone is by far my used device and after thinking about this post the most used one for blogging.

Here’s how I’m doing it.

First off I use WordPress so most of my posting is done from their iOS app. It’s not bad, a few UI glitches here and there but been pretty solid for me. I can also tweak my design and resolve any page issues. If it’s a small post I’ll quite often just write it in here too. The app gives you the option of posting straight away or you can schedule it for a later date.

My second app is iA Writer. You’ll know that I use it as my writing app of choice and the place that posts like this one starts. It gives me a clean writing experience and puts all my documents into iCloud.

If I want an image for a post I use Halide to take a RAW image (although the built in camera app will be fine for most things) and then Darkroom to edit before saving out. With the addition of iCloud Photo Library it’s doesn’t matter which device I’m using I’ll have access to all of my images.

Once I’m happy with how my post looks in the WordPress app (I copy it from iA to the WordPress app) I’ll add my tags and publish immediately or schedule it in for another day.

When I’m feeling creative I’ll write up a load of posts and get them all scheduled in over a week or sometimes two.

iOS has been a massive help to me for keeping up with sharing my thoughts and I have no excuse not to post something here with my pocket computer always available to me.

30 day productivity experiment- Things 3

I’m back testing out productivity apps for 30 days. My last one that seemed to have some traction was using OmniFocus but in the end it didn’t stick. I liked the app a lot but had a couple of issues. The watch app stopped syncing properly so due task counts weren’t correct and there wasn’t really a way to create a today list. I could add a tag ‘today’ but seemed like a hack.

I’m giving Things 3 a go.

I’m a day into it and finding it pretty good so far. My project and areas of responsibility aren’t right yet but I’ve created a few to divide up my tasks.

One thing I really liked when using it for a weekly review was that I can see my calendar and to do items all in one scrolling view using ‘Upcoming’.

Another area that’s great is it’s watch app. Sync works well and I’ve found myself using it when out shopping to remind myself what I needed to get. It’s slick and really is a standout watch app.

Let’s see how I get on this month using Things 3 to manage my daily comings and going’s.