Can you set parental controls per user on Nintendo Switch?


Now my daughter has gotten into playing the Switch I needed to start to look at parental controls. In my eyes I should be able to restrict access to the game content on a per user basis.

So basically if you want to have restrictions per user then they need their own Switch. This shouldn’t be the case and now means I can’t let my daughter play on the switch without me checking up on her. Now she’s at an age where I can trust her to play the games she likes but means when she’s away or wants to borrow it for an extended period she can’t, come on Nintendo this should be a basic functionality of the console.

Note that an iPad is the same, no user login so you need an iPad per person.

Is it just me yelling at a cloud or do you think this functionality should be present?

iOS 12 home screen


Off the beta now until the official release so thought I’d post my initial iOS 12 restore. I went from scratch and am only installing apps as I’m using them. Simplified my productivity a bit with Fantastical and Things just to get through the next few weeks as I can see me using Reminders going forward.

A break from the Apple Watch

Apple Watch, Tech

It’s been on my mind for a while now, my watch no longer serves me but me it. Most of this is on me, I need to pair notifications right down and rethink how I use the Apple Watch but it’s started to bug me. I’m fiddling with watch faces, turning my wrist multiple times to get the time to show, not totally happy with any watch band I have and something I’m not comfortable sharing yet (more on a later post).

I’m back to a Casio (my favourite watch brand) at least for a few days with my Apple Watch going back to get watchOS 5 put back on.

I’ll share some thoughts on this and what I ultimately ended up doing here in the next few weeks.

Teenage Engineering PO-33 KO

music, Tech

I came across Teenage Engineering via the Playdate and love their design so when I saw their Pocket Operator series I thought I’d give one a go. I wanted something small I could fiddle with and act as a change to using an iOS device. I was also after a new creative outlet so having a tiny music device I could pocket, have on my desk or take with me sounded perfect.

I’ve only just ordered so I’ll post up some unboxing and review stuff once I’ve had a play.

How to stop Siri listening on the HomePod

How to, Tech

Each time my HomePod says “huh, what did you say?” when I haven’t said the magic word I keep meaning to write this post so I’m finally doing it. You can disable “hey Siri” on the iPad and touch the top instead, here’s how you do it.

Fire up the Home app and tap on your HomePod.

Once you have tapped on it, tap on settings.

Make sure you copy settings above.

Apple News+ Gets ready to launch in the UK?

News, Tech

On checking Apple News this morning I was greeted with a new tab replacing Spotlight

My region is set to UK but I’m on the beta of iOS 13. When you tap get started you get this

Tapping Start Reading puts you into an infinite loop of this page over and over again. Strange this has just started out of know where.

I’m expecting it to launch along with iOS 13 next month.

The one feature that keeps me using the Apple Watch

Apple Watch, Tech

Since losing my activity data in this watchOS beta period I’ve come to realise how I use it has altered since owning the original. I’ve also taken a break from it and come back all because of one thing – my calendar.

Yes, having my appointments on my wrist is the one thing that keeps me coming back.

I’m going to be taking another break from it (more on this in a later post and why I think I need it) but I know I’ll be suffering a low level anxiety about where I’m supposed to be at all times.

Has your use case changed over time?