Getting lost in No Man’s Sky base building

I’ve gotten back into No Man’s Sky since the 1.5 update and all I’ve found myself doing is base building. I’ve found myself completely immersed in it in this game. I’ve spent hours finding a cool planet to setup shop on. I’ve created a few bases to get used to the mechanics of it and here is my latest. This planet is a little desolate for my liking so I’m moving on but thought I’d share it.

Committing to iOS (and selling a Mac)

So as you may know if you follow me on Twitter I’ve gotten frustrated with the state of Apple’s keyboards on their laptops and finally committed to going all in on iOS. It’s something I’ve done on and off for years but never fully embraced it, falling back on my Mac when I felt friction. Well after suffering with more RSI related issues using the 12″ MacBook I’ve decided enough is enough and decided to use my iPad Pro 10.5″ as my only mobile ‘computer’. I do have a 5K iMac from a few years ago but these days it’s only used as a way to import and store our family photos. I don’t use it in anger anymore, it sits in the corner on a shelf looking at me…

So as a result of going all in on iOS with my iPad + Pencil + Smart Keyboard Cover (I prefer this keyboard to Apple’s laptops) I am selling my MacBook, here are the specs:

  • 12″ Early 2016/Space Grey
  • Core M, 1.1 GHz
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • Apple Care until January 2020

I’m looking at £550 ONO, please contact me on Twitter (@LJPUK) or via my site if you are interested. I’m giving it a week then it’ll go off to an online site that will give me cash for it.

Wish me luck in my iOS only adventures, I’ll be sharing everything with you here.


Apple Notes handwriting recognition

I know this is old news but the handwriting recognition in Apple Notes appears to have gotten better in iOS 12. I pretty much write all the time with the pencil in notes so I’ve picked up a habit of writing my title for the page in capitals, nice and clear. You can see in the image that it’s correctly picked up my handwriting and converted.

Go on, give it a go.

watchOS 5 beta initial impressions

I’ve been having several issues on watchOS 4, the most annoying being weather not displaying and losing connectivity to my iPhone. It’s gone to Apple for servicing once already so I thought what the heck I’ll install the dev beta.

My initial impressions are good. It hasn’t lost sync and the weather app is working well so far.

I’m noticing a few little tweaks that I’m enjoying in watchOS 5. Timers now rememberers your last few so that you can simply tap on them rather than set a new custom time. Another welcome change is a more detailed weather app. Inheriting some of the changes from iOS in that it now shows wind and air quality.

Performance on my series 2 also feels improved. It’s great to see the same iOS performance ethos coming over to the watch.

Taking a day off social media

You might have seen my tweet, it was the last one I did yesterday. I’ve decided to take a proper break from social media. I use Twitter, Instagram and Slack. I stopped using Facebook in Jan 2018. In a bid to get some more quality time back in my life it’s a decision that was actually quite easy with how toxic most of them are. I do get a lot of value from interacting with others but the negatives of both ‘the feed’ and companies attitudes towards its users has finally become too much for me.

I have a blog I want to put effort into, a podcast to plan and music to record. Spending too much time lost on Social isn’t helping me succeed in any of this.

What I’ve noticed

  • I’m picking up my phone less
  • I’m less distracted thinking about the news or thinking about purchases
  • I’m spending more time in apps that give me some value, such as sketching out ideas in Notes for example

Yesterday happened to be the day when another iOS beta dropped but I stayed strong and didn’t install any social apps to catch up on what happened. Not sure how long I’ll last but I’m going to give it a good go.