Using an Apple Watch Series 2 with iOS 14

I’ve been using my series 2 Apple Watch on iOS 14 and generally it works fine but there are a couple of things to point out.

  • There’s no watch update to go along with iOS 14
  • To unpair you now need to use GENERAL, RESET and then ERASE APPLE WATCH CONTENT AND SETTINGS within the watch app on your iPhone

I’ve noticed a few issue even on the public release where iCloud services are out of sync on the watch but generally works ok as a fitness tracker.

PlayStation 5 pricing

I was pleasantly surprised at the cost of the PlayStation 5. £359 for the digital version seems the sweet spot for me at least. £449 gets you a blu-ray drive but I can’t remember the last time anything went in our PS4.

I’ll wait until I see the actual game release schedule before ordering but at the moment the plan is to keep the PS4 Pro and then add a PS5 digital only to our collection.


The Apple Watch now comes in two new colours

For me the most exciting part of the series 6 announcement was two new colours, blue and red. Along with the colours introduced with the new iPad Air its great to see Apple getting a bit more colourful.

New Product(Red)

I’ve picked red but that blue looks great too. Ideally we’d get orange and it would be absolutely my perfect colour but red is going to hopefully look great.

How much will the PlayStation 5 cost?

With the Apple keynote and Mandalorian trailer now done we can move onto guessing the PS5 pricing. That’ll be announced officially today but it’s fun to speculate.

Microsoft went early and to be honest with their game pass monthly payment deal I can’t see Sony touching them and will only offer a buy it now price.

My best guess is disc based version with one controller £599 and digital version £449.

The PS online is ok but they also need to throw in PS Now if they want to compete.

I’m very interested to see what happens but at this point I’m looking over at that £28 a month Xbox Series X plan.

The Apple services bundle

It’s rumoured we’ll see an Apple One bundle announced today, combining TV+, News, Arcade and Music. To me this makes complete sense as selling them all separately can’t be doing that well amongst the general public. As someone watching their outgoings I’m also realising how expensive their services are.

But I’d like to see another bundle, one similar to above but includes storage tiers.

I’m switching to Google Photos free at the moment as I can’t justify the £6.99 storage, especially when there is no 500GB for £3.99 plan. I’m using 300GB but have to move to the 2TB plan because there is no middle ground.

Google lets me store all of my photos and video in high resolution for free. Apple just can’t compete here.

Do you think they should? I do.

Offering a free photo tier (at a lower resolution) would be a big win, especially in these uncertain times. It would be a big win for its users and experience. I see a lot of people who don’t back up their photos on iPhone just because they don’t want to pay for storage so install Google Photos and move over. This means they are more likely to switch to Android in the future. Even me, as someone following Apple a lot is looking over at the Pixel line these days. Now my photos are going to be cross platform I’m tempted to move.

What do you think?