iPhone XS home screen October 2018

New additions

  • Fantastical 2: using iCloud for my productivity these days. This app offers a nice front end to calendar and reminders
  • Streaks: trying to get into some good daily habits, this’ll keep me accountable
  • Micro.blog: I’ve stepped away from a lot of social and this is my way to share my thoughts quickly to my blog
  • Ferrite: I’m struggling to find any energy to podcast but with Ferrite and my AirPods I’m hoping I can record some on the go

Anyone else having a random bug in Overcast where the audio just stops playing and when you look at the lock screen the app has crashed out? I’m almost moving back to Apple Podcasts it’s happening so much for me.

I expect iPhone XR reviews to be dropping today. If pre-order is tomorrow they will typically be today or tomorrow. I’m looking forward to trying one out in store. Not in my future but I’m hoping they sell well. Might encourage Apple to bring back some colour.

Nice to get up my post about adding patina to your iPhone case. Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Nice little project if you have an hour spare.