WordAds earnings

If you’re reading my blog you’ll know that I briefly flirted with ads to help me pay for keeping the site running. As much as I love my passion projects I’m struggling a little to keep them going with paying for hosting etc.. anyway that’s not what I wanted to highlight. I started to dig […]

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Stepping back

You’ve maybe noticed I’ve been quiet on Twitter for a few days, well I’ve not engaged with it for almost a week now and I have to say that I’m feeling better for it. I feel like my mind is less busy with racing thoughts and I’m allowing myself to be bored instead of picking […]

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So posting to WordPress from micro isn’t really working for me. Think I’ll actually sign up and get a full blown micro.blog account.

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Wow F1 looks great in 4K HDR. Enjoying the new series on Netflix. Just a pity they didn’t have the actual season coverage.

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